Monday, September 5, 2011

Depotting Urban Decay Primer Potion

I love Urban Decay Primer Potion ("UDPP"). It's one of two favorite eyelid primers (the other is Tarte's Lifted Natural Eye Primer with Firmitol). However, I've been really frustrated by the inefficient design of the bottle. Sure, it's the probably the cutest design of any cosmetic product I own, but cute does not equal efficient. I've gone through several of these UDPP bottles, and every time, when I couldn't get any more primer out, I threw them away, just knowing there was a ton more primer in the center and bottom bulges that I couldn't access. It felt like such a waste. 

I was discussing this a couple months ago with my friend The MoonMaiden-Blix, and she told me that there are tutorials on YouTube for how to depot the primer from the UDPP tube. DUH! Why didn't I think of looking it up on YouTube before!

Well, I finally looked on YouTube, and sure enough, there are tons of tutorials on how to depot UDPP. So I watched one, and decided to try it myself.

I have three "mini" size UDPPs that were all "almost empty". By that I mean, they'd all reached the point where I couldn't get much out of them and would have to throw them away... if I didn't attempt to depot whatever was hiding in the tube.

I wish I'd taken before photos and photos through the process. I knew I'd get some primer out of the tubes, but I had no idea just how much was still in there. I'll bet it was at least as much as I'd used -- maybe more. All of the UDPP tubes I've tossed in the past -- I could have made them last at least twice as long as they did if I'd known to depot. I filled a 10 gram jar to the very top with the product I was able to remove from my "empty" mini UDPP tubes. 

Here are the after photos, to show just how much UDPP I got out of the tubes, and where the UDPP is inaccessible in the tubes.

These were all taken after I'd scooped out the product. It looks like I could have gotten even more out!

I will NEVER throw away another tube of UDPP without opening it up and depotting the leftovers first. Look at that jar -- all of that will keep me in business for months. And just think -- I was going to throw it away and have to buy more!

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