Thursday, October 20, 2011

Game of Thrones - Jamie Lannister Inspired Look

I wanted to continue my GoT series, and I knew exactly who/what I was going to do when I got my LOST Collection samples from Persephone Minerals. 

You guys, I am BLOWN AWAY by these eyeshadows! They are so deep and rich and jam-packed with sparkle. I thought Fyrinnae had the sparkliest sparkles, but I think Persephone may give them a run for their money. Just like Fyrinnae, they lose a lot of their amazingness when you blend, so I had to reapply some of the color and sparkle I blended away by mistake. Next time I wear Persephone shadows, I will try applying them over Pixie Epoxy to see if they really pack a punch then. There was the expected amount of fallout, but nothing out of the ordinary for a sparkly loose shadow. 

Persephone's LOST Collection #4 is quite possibly the most beautiful gold color I've encountered. It's at least in my Top 3 golds. The LOST Collection #8 is one of the prettiest purples I've encountered. It is sparkly royal purple and so pretty I want to eat it up.

Here's the look I created today. The gold and purple were both very Jamie Lannisteresque to me. 

I included these next two photos -- an out-of-focus one and one taken without the flash, to show how much sparkle and shimmer these shadows have. They are full of so much blingy win!!!

...aaaand the full face. The lippie wasn't a good choice. But I was 20 minutes late for work, so I didn't even bother to try to figure out a different option. Also, I hate this photo, but it's the best of the bunch I took today. I guess I wasn't feeling very photogenic this morning! I've been working around the clock this week (literally), and I'm really tired, and I think it shows.

Tarte Clean Slate primer

Tarte Smooth Operator concealer on nose and chin

Sweet Libertine green concealer to cover red areas

Sleek i-Divine Acid Palette Tan for contour

Sephora Mineral Foundation in Claire Light 21

MAC Prep + Prime Translucent Powder

Meow Mona Lisa Masterpiece Blush

Meow i-Prime

Sephora Smooth Operator concealer under eyes

Sweet Libertine yellow concealer under eyes

Sephora Brow Sculpting Pencil in Medium

Shiro News on inner corners (upper and lower) and on brow bones

Persephone Lost Collection #4 on lids

Persephone Lost Collection #8 in crease and beneath lower lashes

Benefit They’re Real! mascara

MAC Blacktrack Fluidline

Sephora Nano Eyeliner Pencil in Coffee

MAC Prep + Prime Lip

MAC Astral lipstick

Stila Kitten Lip Glaze


  1. I've been meaning to comment for the last few days. I LOVE your GoT inspired looks! I'm a HUGE ASoIaF fan myself and just finished Feast for Crows the other day. I can't wait to see what new looks you come up with!

  2. I love this! The gold and purple are so beautiful together. Oh man I need more Persephone Minerals thank you for reminding me haha.

  3. Ladies, thank you so much for your comments! Jia, it's wonderful to meet you -- your blog is hilarious and I can't wait to read more! I loved the look you posted the other day on the FB Sparkle group!

    Pixie, thanks for the comment! I am LOVING these Persephone Minerals shadows. Which sucks because I must have more, but I've run out of money!!! LOL