Sunday, October 2, 2011

NARS Night Sun & California - Review and Photos

I had never tried a NARS eyeshadow before today. NARS Orgasm blush is a staple in my cheek repertoire and NARS Ophelia is one of my favorite lip glosses, so I figured I should try their eyeshadows at some point. Two NARS eyeshadows, Night Sun and California, were on sale at Sephora recently. For only $8 each (originally $23), how could I not pick them up and give them a shot?!

Here is what they look like:

The colors are absolutely gorgeous. California is is a shimmery, ruddy, rusty, copper shade that is certain to look amazing with my skin tone and blue eyes. Night Sun is a shimmery golden yellow, with the faintest hint of a chartreuse undertone. It's not the type of gold I'm typically drawn to, but again... for $8, how could I not try it? 

California applied beautifully. It's not very pigmented and I couldn't get a heavy layer of color out of it, but it applies smoothly and evenly, and the color is true to what you see in the pan. Because it's not heavily pigmented, it's actually a good eyeshadow for wearing to the office, since I know I can't overdo it with this particular shade. California doesn't stand out as anything particularly special or unique, but I do like the color and the formulation and I certainly will use it. And it does indeed look really nice with my blue eyes. 

Night Sun... I despise it.  I don't even know where to start. The color is true to what you see in the pan, but the actual shadow is horrible. It's chunky and flaky and absolutely impossible to apply. It's so flaky that even when I pack it on the brush and pat it on my lid over Urban Decay Primer Potion, the shadow absolutely will not stick. The flakes of shadow fall all over my lashes and cheeks, and I have to apply over and over and over again before I get enough color to show on my lids. 

In the photo below, you can see how chunky the shadow looks after I've brushed through the pan: 

In this photo, you can see how flaky the shadow is. Those flakes of shadow don't disperse into a fine powder, they just stay flaky until I blow or brush them away. 

Ultimately, I like California, and I hate Night Sun. Out of the hundreds upon hundreds of eyeshadows I've worn in my life, I really think it may be the worst eyeshadow experience I've had. California was definitely worth the $8 sale price, but Night Sun was not worth it. I feel really bad for the poor souls who paid full price for it.

So it seems my first NARS eyeshadow experience was so-so. If I had only tried Night Sun, I'd have probably never tried another NARS shadow again. While California doesn't blow me away, I will use it and I like it enough to try other NARS shadows...but I will go to Sephora or the NARS counter and test them before buying them, because I don't want to waste more money on another eyeshadow as terrible as California.

I am sick with a terrible cold, and my nose is red and swollen, so I didn't put on any makeup other than the eye makeup. Here is what I did with California, and my attempt to use Night Sun.

I used:

  • Urban Decay Primer Potion all over lid
  • Tarte Smooth Operator on undereye circles
  • NARS Night Sun on inner 2/3 of lid, blended up toward brow, and beneath inner 1/3 of lower lashes
  • NARS California on outer 1/3 of lid and in crease, and beneath outer 2/3 of lower lashes
  • MAC Brule lightly applied on brow bone
  • MAC Dark Envy Fluidline lining upper lashes
  • Benefit They're Real mascara
  • Sephora Brow Sculpting Pencil in Medium (this product is AWESOME and it's on sale right now for $3 [originally $10] -- get it!)

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