Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pyramid of Perfume - Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Halloweenies

For the past 6+ years, I've regularly run Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab ("BPAL") decant groups. The Halloween (aka "Weenies") update is always my favorite. It's always the largest, and I adore the autumnal scents. This year's update was absolutely epic. My decant group's order was so large that I placed it in two orders, and while we're still waiting for a Click-N-Ship for the first order, the second of the two orders arrived on my doorstep today. 

Here's a photo of the order that arrived today. There were actually three more bottles, but right before I snapped this picture, I had a bit of an accident with that pyramid I built, and I wasn't aware that three of the bottles were still hanging out in one of my makeup brush holders that is sitting behind the pyramid of perfume. :)

This is my organizational system for the hundreds of empty vials that are labeled and ready for me to decant into. 

This is a list of the Halloween scents I received today. I can't wait to sniff and test them all!

SONNET D'AUTOMNE - Tenebrous Love: a shivering white musk with vanilla-infused white cocoa, amber incense, and dead, dry leaves.

THE VAMPIRE BRIDE - Icy skin touched by a perfume of violet leaf, white tea, olibanum, elemi, myrrh, wormwood, crypt dust, and saffron with a dribble of blood red musk.

THE NYMPHAE AVERNALES - The nymphs of the Underworld: pomegranate, lilac musk, red rose, red sandalwood, honey, and frankincense.

REGINA EREBI - The Queen of Hell: pomegranate, spear mint, black mulberry, and myrrh.

ASKALAPHOS - The daimon that tends the orchards of the Underworld: pomegranate, wonder-flowers, asphodel, and black soil.

THE SILVER APPLE OF THE MOON - White apple with orris, agave nectar, moonflower, white sandalwood, and lotus root. 

THE GOLDEN APPLE OF THE SUN - Golden apple with amber, hibiscus, carnation, frankincense, golden spiced tea, ginger, and champaca flower.

THE BLACK APPLE OF SATURN - Dried Arkansas black apple, opoponax, cypress, myrrh, tobacco absolute, quince, black musk, and galbanum.

THE GREEN APPLE OF VENUS - Sweet green apple, apple blossom, sweet strawberry, pink pomegranate, violet leaf, tea rose, and red sandalwood.

THE GLITTERING APPLE OF THE STARS - Heirloom Malus, ylang ylang, white and blue musks, crystallized vanilla, tiare, frangipani, and bergamot.

THE CHANGELING - Blonde wood, linen swaddling, pumpkin rind, and bourbon vanilla.

DEATH EMBRACES A YOUNG MAIDEN - Three dry white sandalwoods with gurjum balsam, guiac wood, ambergris accord, and tea rose.

EXPRESSIVE HEAD - Teakwood, patchouli, green pepper, clove, white cognac, vetiver, and champaca absolute.

GARDEN OF DEATH - A harvest of plants that symbolize death in myriad cultures: belladonna accord, iris petals, red poppy, acanthus, manioc, parsley, yam, urd bean, chrysanthemum, acacia, and cypress wood rooted in dark, rich loam.

AN INCUBUS LEAVING TWO SLEEPING WOMEN - Vanilla-infused white honey, magnolia, skin musk, ylang ylang, and beeswax with patchouli, olibanum, kurundu, and a feral brown musk.

LA MORT: Mon ironie d├ępasse toutes les autres! - Pomegranate accord, red rose accord, opopponax, benzoin, champaca flowers, and star anise.

THE MANDRAKE CHARM - Mandrake root, olibanum, myrrh, hyssop, basil linalool, and lemongrass.

MUSE OF THE NIGHT - A soft, resinous indigo musk with black currant, ylang ylang, Tunisian jasmine, opoponax, rose otto, benzoin, Tahitian vanilla bean, and opium tar.

THE NIGHT HAG VISITING THE LAPLAND WITCHES - Black sandalwood, woodsmoke, Terebinth pine, blue cypress, styrax, frankincense, chamomile maroc, and nutmeg.

NIGHTMARE - Vanilla-soaked linen accord with lavender, opium poppy, Moroccan jasmine, golden amber, white honey, and blackened fruit gums. 

POST-MORTEM LAUREATUS - White sandalwood and twining ivy. 

SENTIMENTAL INITIATION - Red and black musks with bamboo, myrrh, bitter clove, patchouli, vanilla orchid, and king mandarin. 

THE TRIUMPH OF DEATH - East Indian black patchouli, red sandalwood, dark musk, peru balsam, ambrette seed, vetiver, and ambergris accord.

THE GOROBBLE - A scent redolent of the crusty exterior of burnt marshmallows.

THE SEEKIM - Cacao absolute, hay, black pepper, patchouli, and incense ash.

THE TA-TA - Boiled leather, carnation blossom, coffee absolute, and tobacco.

THE TWO-TAILED SOGG - Pink grapefruit, swamp moss, green musk, orris root, cypress, and  honey. 

THE WILEY GRASSER - Pine needles, wildflowers, and cotton candy.

THE ZOOM - Lime juice, bergamot, Himalayan cedarwood, helichrysum, and dragon’s blood resin. 

Did you order any BPAL Weenies? Which ones? Which are you the most excited about?


  1. The only Weenie I ordered was Pumpkin Princess, which I really like (Pumpkin Queen is one of my all-time favorite scents). Other than that, I'm surprisingly not all that excited about the rest of the update -- surprising because I usually *love* the autumn scents. I have a handful of decants coming my way, though, so hopefully that will change. But also hopefully, not too much, says my Paypal balance! :)

  2. I am REALLY excited to try The Pumpkin Princess. I can't wait for that order to arrive. I haven't done much skin-testing yet, but I was surprised how much I like The Gorobble, since sweet foodies usually go really bad on me, but it was a lovely spicy scent, and I think I really like it. I also really liked Regina Erebi, but the scent didn't last, or maybe I just was struggling to smell it past this cold.