Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sephora Color Flip - Swatches & Review

When I'm traveling, I like to pack light, but I also like a variety of makeup options. When I saw the Sephora Color Flip, I thought it might be the answer to some of my packing issues. It's only $15, so I ordered it with my most recent Sephora order and it arrived at my house yesterday. 

The Sephora Color Flip is a cute little compact that contains three palettes. The first has 8 eyeshadows, the second has 8 lip glosses, and the third has a bronzer and a blush. The palette is quite petite and will easily fit in a makeup bag with a few other cosmetic essentials. 

I placed the Sephora Color Flip next to a MAC eyeshadow palette so you can see exactly how small the Sephora Color Flip actually is:

Below are pictures of the Sephora Color Flip with corresponding swatches. The colors don't have names or numbers, so I've done the swatches in the order of the colors in the pan, and placed the swatches immediately below the corresponding palette so you can see how each color in the palette looks on my skin.

The eyeshadow colors are highly pigmented and a combination of pearls and mattes. The shadows are silky and will provide both day and evening color combos. They seem to blend easily, and the darker colors are especially long-lasting. When applying, there is quite a bit of loose shadow and fallout. 

For the swatches, I applied the shadows to my skin over the primer I use daily, Meow Cosmetics i-prime. The colors of the shadows on my skin are a bit different than they appear in the pan. The olive-green in the bottom left-hand corner actually looks a bit more olive-green on my skin than the picture shows (the picture makes it look almost black!), but it's still a very, very dark olive-green. 

On my skin, the lip glosses appear pretty much as I expected them to. They are all really gorgeous colors and I'm certain I will use all of them. The lip glosses are also silky and have enough variety to keep me happy with my color choices while on a trip. They feel really smooth and not sticky at all on my lips and they have no taste or odor. 

The bronzer and blush are both highly pigmented and when I wear them, I will have to be very careful not to apply too much. The blush is a bit more coral than I would typically wear, but for the purpose of travel and keeping my cosmetics packing to a minimum, I can deal with it for a weekend or even a week. 


All in all, this little compact of palettes is an excellent buy, and a must-have if you travel or are on-the-go. It's small enough to fit in the zippered pocket in my purse if I need to do a touch-up during the day, yet it has enough variety to provide a number of different looks. I think it's an excellent buy at only $15, and now I want to buy Sephora's pink limited edition color flip, too.

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  1. thank you for reviewing this, i have been a bit "off" sephora own products for a few years because i found in the past the pigment was not great but i have been trying to push myself to buy something from them for a while as the prices are so good...I shall deff try this now after such an indepth review, so thank you from France :-)xx