Sunday, October 16, 2011

Weekend Edition - Sunday Blues

Well, it's Sunday and I have nowhere to be today, which means I can experiment with my face! 

I so very rarely wear blues. I just never feel like I can pull it off. However, I love -- I mean LOVE -- blue eyeshadows. And therein lies the rub! 

The eyeshadow colors I ooh and aah over the most are almost always shades of blue. I've especially had my eye on the blues in my Sleek Acid i-Divine Palette, and figured why not give it a try and see if maybe I can make it work this time. 

One thing I noticed is that the use of blue around my eyes really draws out the gold flecks in my blue eyes. Still, I don't like the end results. I just can't do blue unless it's an accent color. But I'm not going to stop trying to find a good blue look because I love blue!

What about you - are there any colors you just can't ever seem to pull off wearing, or do you like wearing anything and everything color-wise?

Earrings were a gift from Alicia of Elements & Artifacts. I get compliments on these earrings every single time I wear them. 

I ended up taking a cotton ball and a cotton swab and trying to wipe off a lot of the color. The Sleek shadows are so highly pigmented that it was really difficult to remove as much as I wanted, but with the reduction in color and the softer look, I like it better than before, but overall, I still don't like the look. 

Tarte Smooth Operator concealer

Sephora Mineral Compact in Claire Light 21
Shiro Wheeeeeee! on cheeks

Meow i-Prime

Nyx Milk Jumbo Pencil all over lid and beneath lower lashes
Sleek Acid White, on inner corner upper and lower, and on brow bone
Sleek Acid Light blue, in center, upper and lower
Sleed Acid Dark blue, on outer corner, upper and lower, and in crease
MAC Waveline Fluidline on lower waterline and lining upper lashes
Maybelline Falsies mascara
Sleek Acid Black on brows

Shiro Wheeeeeee! 

Tarte Apple-A-Day Vitamin Gloss


  1. I have a hard time wearing blue eyeshadows, too, so I always soften them up with a warmer color somewhere in the mix. Sometimes I'll do a blue lid with a bronze crease or lower lashline, or a neutral lid with a blue crease and brown or gold liner.

  2. That is a great tip! I actually did that yesterday and it worked! I'll be posting photos soon, because I'm so excited that I pulled off a blue look yesterday. Or at least "mostly" pulled it off. :D