Saturday, November 12, 2011

Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish - Houses of Parliament and Trafalgar Square

I love nail polish, but nothing has ever gotten me to spend more than $9 on a nail polish before in my life...until I saw the new Magnetic Polish from Nails Inc. I tried and tried to resist, because $16 for a nail polish is just so very much. And to buy two, that's $32 plus tax, and well, I could enjoy several movies or a really nice dinner or at least three delicious martinis for that kind of dough.

I was so incredibly drawn to them that I couldn't resist the magnetic force of the Magnetic Polish. I bought received Houses of Parliament in a Sephora mail order on Thursday, and within 2 hours, I had not only polished my nails with it, but I'd also driven to the nearest Sephora and picked up Trafalgar Square because I was so head-over-heels in love with the Magnetic Polish. I have a feeling I will never use a crackle polish again. They're just so gauche compared to the gorgeousness of these Magnetic Polishes!

The Magnetic Polish has iron powder in it, and when holding the provided magnet over the wet polish, the iron powder gravitates toward the magnet. The magnet has a pattern in it that provides the unique wavy-line finish. 

It's so easy to do, it's fun to see the pattern develop, and an unexpected wow factor was how quickly the polish dried and I could go about my daily business without worrying about messing up the polish. What the photos don't show is the amazing effect that's almost holographic or 3-D. There's so much depth to the nail polish effect. I really hope they come out with more colors -- I think I'd give my left leg to have a hot pink or crimson red Magnetic Polish! It would also be really neat if they would create different designs, too. Imagine a cheetah-print design with a hot pink polish? *swoon*

So back to the cost: $16. Is it worth it? Abso-frickin-lutely YES. I don't need to have a nice dinner out with a friend -- I'll invite them over for pasta instead. Going to the movies? I'll stay home and watch whatever's on tv instead. Three martinis at the bar? I'll just drink water instead, because I'm already drunk off the amazingness of the Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish! Yes, if they come out with more colors, I will be dropping $16 for more shades. Please just don't tell my husband how much I'm spending on nail polish! :)

A quick note before we get to the photos -- please disregard the horrible state of my cuticles. My nail beds are the thorn in my side. They are so dry and cracked and peeling, and nothing I do seems to help. I apply a Qtica Solid Gold Cuticle Oil Gel twice a day every day and a thick Qtica Intense Cuticle Repair Balm every night before bed, and they still look terrible. I feel like I've tried so many cuticle products and none work for more than a couple weeks at a time. So if anyone has any recommendations, please let me know! I am desperate to get my cuticles cleaned up and pretty-looking!

Now on to the promised photos!  I applied Trafalgar Square to four nails on each hand and then applied Houses of Parliament to one accent nail on each hand. 

Direct sunlight: 

Indirect sunlight:

 Bottle of Trafalgar Square (indirect sunlight):

Bottle of Houses of Parliament (indirect sunlight):

With flash: 

If you try the Magnetic Polish, be very careful when holding the magnet over your nail. If you get it too close, you'll end up with a dink in your nail like this: 

Have you tried the Nails Inc. Magnetic Polish? What do you think of it? Would you buy more if/when they come out with more colors? 


  1. I never tried this nail polish, I've seen so many reviews and videos about it that I really want to try it x

  2. This looks awesome, I really need to buy some!