Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review - RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

Our next-door neighbors are in the beauty business, and we have a deal with them: Whenever they need computer work, my husband does it in exchange for beauty products for me. It's a win-win situation -- their computers work, and I get to try new things. I tell my husband it's a win for him because he has happy neighbors and a happy wife!

In September, my husband did some computer work for them and in exchange, I was giving a couple of items. One of them I was really, really excited about: RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. The sample had been gifted to my neighbor by a RevitaLash representative that she knew, but she wasn't interested in using it, so it was passed into my grabby little hands. 

I naturally have short eyelashes, but have been extremely leery of trying a product like Latisse because of the scary things I've heard about what it can do to eye color, especially for people with blue eyes, like me. RevitaLash doesn't have any of those side-effects when used as directed, so I started using it that very night.  

RevitaLash was created by an ophthalmologist whose wife had damaged eyelashes as a result from chemotherapy. The doctor researched and worked with chemists to develop this formula.

This is what the packaging looks like:

Using the fine pointed brush, a thin line is applied to the base of the upper eyelashes at night before bed. 

I did this religiously for 2 months. My sample was 0.5 ml. A 2.0 ml tube is supposed to be a 3-month supply, but I had a 2-month supply from a quarter of that amount. Granted, the last 2 weeks or so involved pulling out the stopper and doing what I could to eek out every last drop until the tube was as dry as a bone. But my guess is that a 2.0 ml tube would actually last much longer than the 3 months that is advertised. 

These are before and after photos of what my eyelashes looked like on September 21, before I applied RevitaLash, and what my eyelashes look like as of today, November 20. Click on the photos to view full-size images. 

Both eyes - before:

Both eyes - after:

Left eye - before:  

Left eye - after: 

Right eye - before: 

Right eye - after:

But, does it work? 

YES!!! ABSOLUTELY!!! This product is, for me, the eyelash miracle I've been waiting for since I was a teenager. I don't have a scientific way of measuring the increase in lash length, but I would estimate that I had at least 20-25% growth, and on some crazy lashes, I had much, much more growth. I also noticed two other benefits I hadn't considered: 1) my eyelashes are healthier and stronger, and I lose fewer lashes than I did before using RevitaLash, and 2) I have slightly more lift and curl to the lashes than I did prior to RevitaLash. 

When I use an eyelash curler, I gently "walk" the curler up my lashes so I don't have a sharp angle to the curl, and after about 3 weeks of use, I noticed I had to "walk" it one more step further than I did before. I now have to "walk" it up two extra steps, and on some of the lashes that really responded, I have to get their ends an extra little pinch with the curler. For the first time in my life, I feel like I have a beautiful, long fringe of lashes framing my eyes. I really love what this product has done for my eyes. 

But here's the rub: A 3-month supply is $98 (U.S.). A 6-month supply is $150. 

Granted, if my experience with the sample tube is typical, I'm sure a 3-month or 6-month supply lasts longer than advertised, but that's still mighty steep in today's world economy when you're a middle-class family living on a budget.

Would I buy it? 

That's a hard question to answer. I have run out of my RevitaLash supply and while my lashes still look great, they won't look this great if I don't keep using it. But the price is quite steep for me. However, I'm leaning toward figuring out a way to afford it. It's worth skimping in other areas so I don't have to have skimpy eyelashes. So yes, I think I will be repurchasing, but I'm having to do some thinking long and twice about it because of the quite steep price. If I had a sudden windfall, I would absolutely buy up a supply of it, because it's really that good. 


  1. Woah, I can totally see the difference! I agree, though, the price is quite steep. I still feel compelled to look into this, though, because Latisse's small print kinda freaked me out, too. My eyes are a brown shade, but I still don't fancy the idea of having a random dark splotch on my irises, you know? 0.o

  2. great review! can absolutely see that it worked so well....i want some!

  3. Such a good review, I can really tell the difference this product sounds amazing! I want to have neighbors in the beauty business too ahah xx