Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Shop Your Friends' Stash!

Last month, I read about Makeup Zombie's effort to shop her own stash rather than buying new makeup. I have read other bloggers who are picking up on the idea, because it really is a good challenge for makeup addicts. I mean, I have enough makeup to last a lifetime (especially eyeshadow), but I'm always drawn to new and different colors, shimmers, textures, and shades, despite having some really awesome unused or barely-used items in my own stash.

Yesterday, I had lunch my friend Blix MoonMaiden, and after lunch, we went to her house to look something up online before heading out again, but ended up falling into her makeup stash and spending hours playing with makeup. I discovered that a million times better than shopping your own stash is shopping Blix's stash!!! Because of her incredible generosity, I came home with 74 samples of Aromaleigh eyeshadows and 14 samples of Sugarpill's Chromalust loose shadows. I'm in awe, both of Blix's generosity and also the awesomeness of these shadows. They are sooo pretty! 

As we were looking at the colors, I pulled out a couple that I thought would go really well together, then added a third and said, "Oh wait, no... that would be too much." Blix said, "I'd do it!" and I told her my new motto is "WWBD?" -- What Would Blix Do? So I put the third "too much" color back in the stack, added yet another, and later today, I'm going to create a look using them. 


Here are photos of the haul from Blix's stash. I'll post a photo of my first look using some of them later today.

There are so many awesome and amazing new sparklies that I don't hardly even know where to start. But I'd say this will keep me playing with new, fun shadows for quite a while!


  1. Luckyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!! I don't get to shop anyone's stash, none of my friends like makeup. /forever alone :(

  2. Even if it's been done 100 times on the web before, I'd appreciate you making a post with photos about how you work with these loose shadows. They intimidate me a lot and clearly you love them.

  3. That is some serious Aromaleigh porn right there. :)