Thursday, December 29, 2011

Rock-A-Betty Beauty - Eye of the Day and Shop Review

I placed an order with Rock-A-Betty Beauty last week, and within a week, it was in my mailbox! Amazing turnaround time! I placed my order about 10 minutes before Ber posted a sale, and so she offered to send me a full size product for which I'd asked about samples! Amazing! When I got the package, the full size wasn't in there, but I figured either I'd misunderstood or it had gotten mixed up in the holiday craziness, and I wasn't the least bit worried about it. Ber messaged me last night and said she'd forgotten to send the full size product, and was going to ship it today. Wow! I'm so impressed by that amazing level of Customer Service -- she offers to give me something for free, and then when she realized she'd forgotten, she still wanted to send it out! Not a lot of companies would do that. I think Ber rocks, and her shop, Rock-A-Betty Beauty rocks. 

I placed a small order for 5 samples of her Lid Lustre eyeshadows Cemetary Road, Nutella Whore, Vertigo, Changeling, and Cupcake Not A Muffin. I also ordered Stay Put, Already! a color locking serum that keeps your lip colors on all day. In addition, I ordered her brand new Shimmering Hair Gloss because I love hair glosses and well....SHIMMER!!! It will be perfect for New Year's Eve celebrations. 

As if she hadn't already done so much for me already, two of the samples I ordered, Cemetary Road and Vertigo, were sent in full size!!! I'm just astounded by Ber's generosity. 

Nutella Whore is the eyeshadow color I was excited to try -- I just adore shimmery browns and can't get enough of them. I did a quick swatch on the back of my hand when I received the package, but have since managed to lose the sample. I am so bummed out and hope it turns up, although I have a feeling my cat got on my desk and batted the little clamshell into oblivion. I will be reordering it very soon because the color was really pretty when I swatched it on the back of my hand. 

The Shimmering Hair Gloss puts the nicest touch of shimmer in my hair and makes my hair super soft and manageable without turning it greasy or heavy.

The Stay Put, Already! color-locking serum is not only extremely moisturizing, but it really works to keep my lip color on! I have the hardest time getting lip colors to stay put (already!), so I'm really excited about this product.

The Lid Lustres are gorgeous. They are silky smooth, have a nice amount of shimmer without being over-the-top (yay, work-appropriate shimmer!), are nicely pigmented and rich in hue, they apply nicely without much fallout at all, and blend easily. 

Between Rock-A-Betty Beauty's amazing products and Ber's incredible generosity and kick-ass customer service, I've become a loyal and lifelong customer. When I replace my missing Nutella Whore Lid Lustre, I'll also be trying some of her lip products next. 

I did my eye makeup today using RABB Lid Lustres (sans Nutella Whore, which makes me so sad because it's so dang pretty!) I didn't post a full-face photo today because my lips are chapped and bleeding, I've got a giant cystic zit on my cheek, and my skin is looking sallow -- probably from a little too much marshmallow vodka last night (Marshmallow Vodka + Hot Cocoa = PURE BLISS. It's true, yo!) So anyway, I just took photos of my eyes today. Here you go, photos in both natural light and with flash: 

Tarte Shadow Insurance
RABB Cemetary Road all over lid
RABB Changeling in Crease
RABB Cupcake Not A Muffin on brow bone above crease
MAC Brule on upper brow bone
RABB Vertigo beneath lower lashes
Wet’n’Wild Copper eye liner on lower waterline
Vincent Longo The Curl mascara on upper lashes
Benefit They’re Real! mascara on lower lashes
BH Cosmetics Coffee gel liner along upper lash line
MAC Lingering on brows
L’Oreal Raven eyeshadow on brows


  1. Wow! That really does sound like great customer service! I haven't ordered from RABB, but I may have to go check out this shimmering hair gloss! Beautiful look you did with the shadows!

  2. You totally should! I'm so impressed with how friendly and generous she is. Definitely buy from her -- she's awesome!