Monday, January 16, 2012

Butter London - Toff and Fairy Lights

I have had my eye on Butter London polishes for a long time, but never tried any because at $14 a bottle, they threatened to break the bank. I was at Ulta today with my good friend Blix, and as we approached the counter to check out, we saw the Butter nail polishes. I couldn't resist. I was in shopping mode, and I just didn't care what damage it did to my pocketbook. I couldn't pick just one, so I bought two, Toff and Fairy Lights. They are both so pretty and good "work appropriate" colors that I can wear to the office.

They absolutely do apply like butter. The very first coat was smooth and even and almost provided full coverage. The brush is really high-quality and helped me keep neat, straight lines as much as possible with my shaky hands. I probably should have used a thin-tipped nail art brush for the fine touch of Fairy Lights that I applied over Toff at the tips of my nails, but I didn't, and just used the brush that came with the bottle. My lines weren't the most even, but not bad for using a bottle brush!

I really love this polish. It applies so smoothly and evenly, and with two coats, I have total and complete coverage. It dries fairly quickly, and the paint job looks absolutely impeccable. Will I buy more at $14 a bottle? Unfortunately for my wallet, I undoubtedly will. They're phenomenal.

Toff is a beautiful mauve that's a bit plummier than it looks in the photos below. It got dark early today due to snowy weather, so I wasn't able to get a natural light photo. These were all taken indoors, with flash. Also, if you may notice my cuticles aren't in the best condition. It's a constant struggle, but I'm still working on them!!!

I used:

Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator as base coat
2 coats of Butter London in Toff
1 thin strip of Butter London in Fairy Lights along the tips of the nails
1 coat of Seche Vite top coat


  1. i love the colours! I used to have some Butter London varnish but since moving out of the UK i can't seem to find them here in France, there is always the internet but postage is a bitch! I remember them being expensive but always worth it! I just spoiled myself with a load of OPI for christmas. The problem is i love them all i change my nail colour every 3 days...x

  2. Yes! You wrote the post, the shades are so pretty and I love the manicure you did it looks classy but with a little bit of something xx

  3. I wrote the post for you, Marta! :D

    Pixie, they are pricy, but I'll figure out a way to get more, even if I can't buy them as often as I'd like!

  4. love this colour!!
    laur x

  5. I like that thin strip of color on the tip!

  6. Just like @Erin Sm said, I also love the thin strip of color on the tip of your nail. it's a nice twist to the everyday manichure

    1. Thanks so much! It looked pretty the first day, but unfortunately by the end of day #2, the thin strip had chipped terribly. I wore that color on its own the following day, and it chipped horribly then, as well. I'll have to try this same mani look with a more sturdy color sometime.