Thursday, January 12, 2012

EOTD - Geek Chic's Sexy In Suspenders

Hi guys! If you haven't seen my Giveaway Post, go check it out! Some of my favorite things are being offered up. 

I received yet another order of samples from Geek Chic Cosmetics yesterday. I had to upgrade some samples to full size and order some other yet-untried samples. Of the samples, I was most excited to test out Sexy In Suspenders. It's described on their site as "A pale fawny satin with a bright, unlikely blue highlight and choc full of blue and purple sparkles."

When I got it, I was delightfully surprised at how wearable it is... for me... because blues are so very difficult for me to wear. In this shade, the blue is definitely present, but it's secondary to the "pale fawny satin" (which I'd call "champagne") and the two colors complement each other gorgeously. (I will admit, I didn't see a bit of blue or purple sparkles, but it's so pretty as it is, that I really don't care about the missing sparklies.) The second I saw Sexy In Suspenders in action, I knew I didn't want to detract from its gorgeousness by using any other colors with it. It helped that I was running late for work this morning anyway and didn't have time to do more than a single color! It's a lovely subtle color that's got gorgeous shimmery highlight and I imagine almost every skin tone could wear this particular shade. I really love how the bright blue eyeliner I used worked really well with the blue highlight in this eyeshadow color. 

Also, a little off-topic, but for those of you who remember how I waxed off the middle of my eyebrow the Saturday after Thanksgiving, if you look closely, you can see it's almost fully regrown! I am so glad I'm not one of those rare people whose brows don't grow back after waxing. In the past couple of months since then, I've gotten so used to filling in my brows daily, that I think I'm going to keep doing it. I really like the look. 

Anyway, my face didn't want to cooperate this morning for full-face photos, so it's just an eye look today! In each set below, the flash photo is first and the natural light photo is second.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Brule on upper brow bone beneath brow
Geek Chic Sexy In Suspenders over entire lid and brow bone
Makeup Forever Pearly Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in L7 lining upper lash line and lightly along lower waterline
Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx lining outer 1/2 of lower lash line
Benefit They're Real! mascara
Smashbox Brow Tech powder in Medium Brown


  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous color!

  2. Have you tried Sexy in Suspenders over Pixie Epoxy? It is equally stunning in a different way. I agree that it's super awesome and I think you should just buy a bunch of backups of it so you never have to worry about running out.

  3. What a great look! Sexy in Suspenders is a beautiful color! I'm a newer follower so I missed the waxing incident. But I have to say you have amazing brows! So well shaped!

  4. Thank you, Melissa!

    CandiedMango, oh maaaan, I HAVE to try it over PE! I can only imagine how awesome it will be. I may be pulling out the Sexy In Suspenders (and PE) tomorrow, too!

    Peach, the waxing incident was so traumatic! It's a good thing I have a sense of humor because EVERYONE laughed at me! And thank you for the compliments. I'm constantly frustrated that I can't get my brows to match shape-wise especially on the inside ends, so it's nice to get a compliments to distract me from focusing on everything I don't like. :D