Saturday, January 21, 2012

Meow Cosmetics End of Days Swatches

Meow's End of Days collection was calling my name and so during one of their recent sales, I picked up samples of 10 out of the 16 colors in the collection. I am so glad I did! They are really great colors -- such great colors that I decided some swatching was in order.

Now please, forgive the awkwardness of my swatches. I could blame it all on my camera, but the fact is, I have only done a few swatches before, and I'm just not really in a groove with it yet. So my swatches are a bit awkward, but I think you can still get the idea what the colors are like!

Below are photos of all 10 colors that I got, swatched in a row. All swatches throughout the post are done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and I took a bunch of different photos in different lighting in order to try to show all of the various facets of these awesome colors.
(as always, click on the images below for larger views)

L-R: Nostradamus, Hysteria, Nibiru, Prophecy, Hopeless, 
Planet X, Armageddon, Ragnarock, Oblivion, Reckoning

Nostradamus, Hysteria, Nibiru, Prophecy, Hopeless 

Planet X, Armageddon, Ragnarock, Oblivion, Reckoning

Nostradamus, Hysteria, Nibiru, Prophecy

Hopeless, Planet X, Armageddon

Ragnarock, Oblivion, Reckoning

I took a number of photos specifically of Armageddon and Reckoning (L-R, below), because while they aren't necessarily my favorites of the collection, they were the two I found the most interesting.

Armageddon does not have a description on Meow's website. On the site and in the sample baggie, it appears to be a jewel-toned purple. However, what I find interesting is that as soon as I started to blend it, the purple went away and a strong indigo shift came out, and when I blended it down even further for a "work appropriate" look to wear to work, what I got was undoubtedly blue -- light blue, in fact -- with no trace of purple at all.

Below the following swatches of Armageddon and Reckoning are four photos of a look I created using Armageddon as the crease color. You can see in them exactly how blue this color rubs down to. In the below swatches, the top row is Armageddon and Reckoning (L-R) patted on TFSI and the bottom row is where I started to blend it out just a bit with the brush -- you can see the change in color in them even though I haven't even fully blended them out. 

As for Reckoning -- I am completely fascinated by this shade. Meow's site describes it at "bright copper cinnamon rose". I don't see any copper in Reckoning. What I think they're calling copper, I'd actually call a bright tangerine shift. In the below swatch photos, you can really see that tangerine shift in the top row, where the color is patted on. In the bottom row, I've blended it down, and the cinnamon rose colors dominate and take on a slight coral effect.

L-R: Armageddon, Reckoning
Top row: patted on
Bottom row: blended

The next four photos are of a look I did using Nostradamus on the lid and outer 1/2 of lower lash line, Armageddon in the crease, Hopeless on the inner 1/2 of lower lash line, and Prophecy on the brow bone. (Yes, I forgot to apply liner the day I wore this look!) You can really see how Armageddon is not actually purple at all when blended down. It's very pretty, but not what I expected. 
 indirect natural lighting:

with flash:

I think my favorite colors from the samples I received are:

~ Nostradamus (such a gorgeous cocoa cocoa color!)
~ Reckoning (I am crazy about pink and orange together!)
~ Hopeless (I'm nuts over the gorgeous golden sparkles in this lovely color that's halfway between teal and forest green.) 

I really like Prophecy as a highlight color, although I don't think it's particularly unique. I like every single color I got so much that I think I am going to have to pick up samples of the other six End of Days shades that I didn't get this time.

Have you tried any of Meow's End of Days collection? If so, which ones and what do you think of them? 


  1. I really like planet X hopeless and armageddon

    1. I am going to try to incorporate Hopeless into a look this week. I have a hard time wearing that color (even though I think it's so pretty!), so we'll see how it goes!

  2. i love hysteria <3 it's just one of those colors you can't hate

    1. I am thinking of doing a look this week with Hysteria. It's really pretty!

  3. Nostradamus is by far my favorite from this collection! It is a beautiful and complex color! And Prophecy is a beautiful highlight color! Thanks for the swatches. I think I only picked up 6 or 8 samples from this collection.

    1. Nostradamus is my fave, too. But then, I'm always drawn toward beautiful chocolate browns! Some of the others are, I think, flashier and prettier, but not as everyday-wearable for me as Nostradamus.