Saturday, February 4, 2012

Darling Grrl! Collection Swatches (and Snow Spam!)

We are having a big snowstorm -- I think it's been snowing for at least 36 hours. I worked remotely from home yesterday, which was good because I've been absolutely miserable with a cold. On the other hand, being snowed in with a cold stinks when you'd really like to get to the store to buy cold meds, but can't. Here's the latest picture taken from my back door. We have to keep up shoveling pathways so our poor little Shih Tzus can go outside to go potty!

Anyway, on to the MAKEUP! My last blog entry was a look I did with three of the new Darling Grrl! eyeshadows from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Since I'm stuck inside and not feeling like putting makeup on my face because of my cold, I figured it would be a good day to swatch the collection for you. Along with my order, I received a Darling Grrl! GWP shadow, Whiskey On A Sunday, so I swatched that, as well. 

I would love to know if any of you have tried any of these colors yet and what your favorites are, or if you have any fun combinations of them. (Susan of Darling Girl suggested wearing Vicar In A Tutu over Maybelline's Color Tattoo "Bad To The Bronze", which I did this morning, and it's really, truly, strikingly gorgeous!!!)

Anyway, on to the photos! Below them are the descriptions of the colors from the Darling Girl website. 

Top row, L-R: How Soon Is Now, Rise Above, Whiskey On A Sunday
Middle Row, L-R: Friday I'm In Love, Miniature Sun, Vicar In A Tutu
Bottom Row, L-R: Die, Die My Darling, Wanna Be Sedated, Roots Radical

"Whiskey On A Sunday" doesn't have a description, but I believe it was inspired by the punk band, Flogging Molly.

"Die, Die My Darling" was inspired by one of my favorite band The Misfits and is a gorgeous kelly green with pink and gold sparkles.

"Friday I'm In Love" was inspired by The Cure. It's a light navy blue with with an intense blue shift and sparkles

"How Soon is Now" was inspired by The Smiths and is a medium grey with pink and aqua sparkles

"Miniature Sun" was inspired by XTC and is a lemon yellow with green sparkles and a subtle green shift

"Rise Above" was inspired by Black Flag and is a gorgeous indigo with multicolored sparkles 

"Roots Radicals" was inspired by Rancid and is a light mint green with gold and pink sparkles

"Vicar in a Tutu" was inspired by The Smiths and is a cool cucumber green with a subtle pink and orange duo-chrome

"Wanna Be Sedated" was inspired by The Ramones and is a medium bronze with an explosion of pink sparkles


  1. Such pretty colors! Whiskey on a Sunday looks aweseome! Ugh... snow :( I'm not a fan of snow and it looks like you have a ton of it right now! Hope you get to feeling better!

  2. Replies
    1. we ended up getting even more snow than that! I hate snow, but I'm so in awe of it right now!

  3. Beautiful snow and beautiful swatches! I haven't used any of those colors yet.

    1. You should get samples -- they're awesome. I really, really love Wanna Be Sedated especially, but I'm partial to browns. :)

  4. nice blog! such variety of looks, i like!
    and i'm so weak for sparkling swatches, so you got me one this one!;)//Azure

    1. I adore your blog! Thanks for dropping by. :) If you haven't tried Darling Girl, you really should. Jewelled Taupe (not pictured in this post) is an absolute must-have for sparkle lovers.

  5. I received Whiskey on a Sunday with my latest order, and I absolutely love it. :)

    1. Isn't it pretty? I'm so glad she included it!

  6. woow! that's a lot of snow! it's almost the same here in Romania.
    The swatches look great :D I love wanna be sedated and wiskey on a sunday ♥

    1. We don't usually get snow quite like this -- one or two storms like this a year maybe. This one was heavier than the usual big snow storms we get. It was very impressive!

      Wanna Be Sedated is, I think, my favorite of the bunch. Whiskey On A Sunday isn't too bad, either. It's so vibrant!