Friday, February 17, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics My Nerdy Valentine Swatches & Look

Hi! I haven't blogged in two weeks because I've been dealing with the Death Plague. I'm feeling much better today, but it's been and up-and-down crud, so we'll see how I'm doing tomorrow. Hopefully I'm finally on the mend for real this time!

I got a package in the mail last weekend from Shiro Cosmetics with my order from their "My Nerdy Valentine" collection. I didn't order the entire collection, just two eyeshadows and two Intertube lippies. However, I figured I'd swatch them and post a look using them, as well. They're all so pretty!

The eyeshadows I ordered are /love and /hug. Here are their descriptions:

/love - "Lovely shimmery off-white with bright golden sparks"

/hug - "Soft velvety brown base with strong gold shimmer."

The Intertubes I ordered are Less Than Three and Binary Love.  Here are their descriptions:

Less Than Three - "Color: Pinky-red rose. Opacity: Moderately opaque, may be built up to full opacity. Stains: Yes - please be careful!"

Binary Love - "Color - Light golden sparkle. Opacity: Sheer. Stains: Nope!"

And now, on to the swatches, and then, pics of the look I created using them. The swatches were taken in diffrerent lighting - indirect sunlight, direct sunlight, and with flash.

(As always, click on the picture to view a larger image.)

Eyeshadows - top row, L-R: /love, /hug
Intertube - bottom row, L-R: Less Than Three, Binary Love


Look at how shiny the Intertubes are in direct sunlight!

And here are photos of the eye look I created with the eyeshadows. The first photo in each set is taken in natural light and the second photo in each set was taken with flash.

For the lips, I applied Less Than Three without building it up to opacity. I layered Binary Love over it for some golden sparkle.

This first photo was taken with flash.

This second photo was taken in direct sunlight - you can definitely see the gold sparkle as the sun catches it!

Finally, the overall look, both photos taken in indirect sunlight.

Did you buy any of the My Nerdy Valentine limited edition items from Shiro? What did you get and what do you think of them?


  1. I'm so pleased to see the swatches! Can't wait for one to arrive :o)

  2. What a pretty look and color pallet. /hug looks like it's a really interesting color.

    1. If you like golds and browns and sparkle, I highly recommend /hug. It's beautiful!