Saturday, March 24, 2012

Etude House BB Cream

I've tried a few Asian BB creams recently, and really liked all of them. When it came to purchasing a full size, I did a bunch of research, compared a bunch of different ones, and then got a recommendation from Bellogirl. I ended up ordering the Etude House Precious Mineral All Day strong BB Cream in #3 Sheer Flawless. I couldn't be happier!

In recent weeks, I've tried seven different high-end liquid foundations, and found all of them unsatisfactory in one way or another. I have really been wanting something that will even out my skin tone and give me coverage that lasts all day. I've given up on liquid foundations, but am a convert to Asian BB creams!

I thought I'd post before and after photos for you.

This photo was taken moments before applying the Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream. As you can see, I don't have a lot of skin issues other than some uneveness, a little bit of redness above my eyebrows, around the base of my nostrils, and on my chin. I have some freckles from sun-damage that I would like to conceal, as well.  And, of course, there is the deep, dark, undereye circle problem, but I have never expected a foundation or BB cream to help with that!

And this photo was taken moments after applying it. The coverage is flawless, it really evens out my skin tone,  covers the redness and the freckles, and I think, even helps a bit with the undereye circles! The color looks good with my coloring, and yes, it lasts all day and my naturally oily skin feels silky and fresh all day long.

I don't imagine I'll go back to using any sort of liquid foundation any time soon. I'll still finish up the mineral foundations I've been using simply so they don't go to waste, but I really like that I have this BB cream option now, too, and have a feeling that once my mineral foundations are gone, I'll be sticking with the BB cream!

How about you -- have you tried real Asian BB creams (I'm not talking about the high end "beauty balms" sold at Sephora)? What do you think of them?


  1. Wow, this looks like a really nice product! I haven't tried any BB balms, but I have been curious about them.

  2. I tried a couple different BB Creams with varied results (thumbs down for Etude House Speedy Mineral Base and Missha Perfect Cover), before finding my current HG, which is Holika Holika Clearing BB Cream. It is sweat/waterproof, doesn't break me out, gives me near-perfect coverage without looking cakey or obvious, and even manages to keep my super oily skin in check. I do have to set it with powder and do the occasional touch-up, but I'd have to do that no matter what I wear. :)

    1. I tried a couple of Holika Holika BB Creams (not that specific one, though) and really liked them. It seems like a really good brand. I'm so glad you found one you like, too! I'm hooked now!