Saturday, March 10, 2012

NTMS Challenge - DISNEY!

I know I just posted a Never Too Much Sparkle challenge yesterday, but I just made the deadline right under the wire. For this week's challenge, I am ahead of the game!

The challenge this week is Disney! After reading the challenge, t took me about half a second to decide what I was going to do. Cruella Deville is my favorite Disney villain of all time. I mean, who is more reprehensible than a woman who makes fur coats out of puppies?! Yet her style is awesome! I love to hate Cruella Deville.

I had a lot of fun putting together this Cruella Deville-inspired look. I'm only going to post this one photo this time because up close, it actually doesn't look that great, and I really only used three colors - red, black, and white... oh, and a little bit of blue.

Benefit Erase Paste under eyes
Sephora Mineral Foundation in Claire Light 21
Benefit Hoola bronzer to contour cheeks

Right eye: Sugarpill Bulletproof on entire lid area up to brow
Right eye: Sugarpill Asylum on entire lid area up to brow
Left eye: Sugarpill Tako on entire lid area up to brow
Left eye: Sugarpill Lumi on entire lid area up to brow
Sleek Chaos palette - black on brows
Sephora Collection Mink false eyelashees
Sephora Atomic Volume mascara on lower lashes
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline on waterline and lining upper lash line

Estee Lauder Red Writer lip pencil
Sugarpill Asylum


  1. You do realize you look a LOT like Liz Taylor in
    this picture, right? :)

  2. WOW! That is the most amazing compliment I've ever received. Thank you.

  3. This turned out great! And I agree, Cruella Deville is an amazingly fun character to hate.

  4. Great idea using Asylum on your lips, it looks awesome! I'll have to try it :) This is so amazingly awesome! And those lashes are fabulous<33

    1. I am so happy with the way Asylum turned out on my lips that I'll definitely be using it for lip color again!