Thursday, April 5, 2012

11 Questions Tag

I was tagged by Blix Moonmaiden a few weeks ago in the "11 Questions" tag meme that's going around. I have never done anything like this in my blog, but figured it might be fun and maybe open the way for you to get to know me better, and for me to get to know you better.

Here are the rules of the Tag:

  1. Each tagged person must answer the 11 questions given to them by their "tagger" and post it on their blog.
  2. Then, choose 11 new people to tag and link them in your post. 
  3. Create 11 new questions for the people you tag to answer.
  4. Go to their page and tell them they've been tagged.
  5. Do not tag back to the person who has already tagged you.
  6. Have fun learning new things about your fellow bloggers and maybe find a few new blogs to follow!

Here are the 11 questions I was given by Blix:

1. Do you prefer liquid or powder foundation and why?
  I love the coverage of a good liquid foundation, but most of them make my oily skin even oiler, so if I had to choose between liquid or powder, I will choose powder. I do like the airbrushed look of a good mineral foundation. However, what I've been using even more often lately are Asian BB creams. They give the coverage of a liquid foundation, the airbrushed look of a mineral foundation, last all day, and so far, I haven't had any extra-oily issues with any of them. In fact, they seem to help keep the oilies under control.

2. What are your favorite eyeshadow colors to wear?
  I adore wearing deep chocolate browns, rich smokey-topaz browns, sparkly golds, and royal purples. If I don't know what to wear, chances are, I'll grab one of these shades and go from there.

3. Dress and heels, or jeans and sneakers?
  I'm never a heels or sneakers person. I prefer comfortable Danskos for shoes. I also prefer a comfy pair of gaucho pants to either a dress or jeans.

4. If you could be an animal, what would you be and why?
  I've said many times that if I could be reincarnated as an animal of my choosing, I'd choose to be a swan. They're strikingly gorgeous, they can fly, they are always on/in/near water, and in general, they're more solitary than other water fowl. I think being a swan would be perfect. However, in reality, I think I'm more of a panda bear -- big, round, fuzzy, cute, likes to eat greens, prefers a solitary lifestyle, and a little on the cranky side of things. :)

5. What is something that most people don't know about you?
  I have moved 40+ times in my life. I've lived in many places and have always picked up the accents peculiar to the region in which I lived. Whenever I return to those places, my accent returns. All I have to do is think about New Orleans and my old NOLA southern belle drawl comes back instantly. Sometimes, without even meaning to, my nasally Minnesotan accent comes back for no reason at all. My husband catches me "speaking Minnesotan" all the time. I never speak with a Virginia twang unless I happen to be back in Virginia talking to someone with the same twang. Same with my beach-accent left over from the days I spent in San Diego. If I'm talking to a SoCal surfer, that accent comes back, but I can't even pretend to have that accent otherwise. The hardest accents to lose after picking them up again are Minnesota and New Orleans. I have no idea what my everyday accent is like, i.e., what I sound like to other people.

6. What is your favorite flower.
  I don't know how anyone can pick just one flower to be their favorite. Some of my favorites are bleeding hearts, iris, lilacs, delphinium, dahlias, peonies, red geraniums, columbine, calla lilies, lily of the valley, and black-eyed susans. Honestly, the only flowers I really don't like are tiger and stargazer lilies (because I'm allergic) and marigolds (because they stink, although they are great for keeping bunnies out of the garden!)

7. Do you like outdoorsy activity?
  I like to be outside on a beautiful, temperate day, but I prefer to be in my hammock, reading a good book, and enjoying the weather that way. I'm not a physically active person, although I know I should be.

8. How would you describe your sense of style?
  I have never in my life had a sense of style beyond wearing whatever is comfortable. About 5-6 years ago, an old college roommate of mine told me that I used to have a distinct "Stevie Nicks flowy style", and she said she missed that about me. I never did that on purpose -- I was just wearing what was comfy to me at the time, I guess.

9. What type of movies do you love to watch the most?
  My favorite type of movies are those that are quirky like The Linguini Incident (favorite movie of all time ever!!!), Harold and Maude, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Muriel's Wedding, The Cook The Thief His Wife and Her Lover, Napoleon Dynamite, and other movies along those lines that are a little off-kilter.

10. What is your favorite holiday and why?
  I think Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love the lights, the festivity, the music, and giving gifts. I love spending time with my family. I have so many memories of wonderful Christmasses when I was growing up, and even though we don't have big family Christmasses hardly ever anymore, there's something nostalgic for me about the holiday. I especially love Christmas spent in Hawaii!

11. Why did you start blogging?
  Because Blix told me to!  LOL  Blix did encourage me to start a blog, but I did it because I thought it would be good to keep track of what I'm buying/using, as well as help me push my comfort zone with makeup and try out new things. I love talking about makeup, perfume, hair products, skin care, nail polish, and all things beauty-related, so it only made sense that I should have a place to really focus on that stuff.

Now, the rules of the Tag say I have to tag 11 people with 11 questions. However, I really dislike tagging people in Internet memes. So, if you'd like to answer my questions, please do so. I'd love to read your answers. But I don't want to single anyone out who wouldn't want to be tagged, or leave anyone out who wishes someone would tag them... so if you want to answer these questions, here you go -- my questions for you:

1.  What is your overall favorite brand of big-name cosmetics?
2.  What is your overall favorite brand of indie cosmetics?
3.  Have you always lived where you live now? If not, where else have you lived and what was your favorite place to live? If so, would you consider living elsewhere and if so, where would you like to live?
4.  Have you met any beauty/other bloggers in person that you originally met via your/their blog?
5.  If you had $5,000 (USD) to spend on travel and could go anywhere in the world for 2 weeks, where would you go and why?
6.  What is one "beauty secret" that you are grateful you discovered?
7.  If you won $10,000 (USD) in the lottery, what is the first makeup item you would buy that you haven't purchased yet because it costs too much?
8.  Do you have any pets? If so, tell us about them. If not, do you want to get any? Why or why not?
9.  What is the best book you read in 2011 and why?
10.  How and when did you become interested in makeup and beauty?
11.  How do you feel about using plastic surgery or other cosmetic treatments like Botox to help maintain a youthful appearance?

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