Friday, April 20, 2012

All About Pegasus Poop

I'll show you something pretty if you promise not to point and laugh at the state of my fingernails/cuticles! They really are hideous, but the point of this post is not about my fingers, but what's on my fingernails!

The lovely blogger Glitter And Bubbles created a gorgeous franken polish called Pegasus Poop (<-- follow that link for her blog post on it!) I was lucky enough to get a bottle before she ran out of the materials, which have sadly been discontinued.

Pegasus Poop is a really striking "multi-chrome polish with a linear holographic finish." It has flashes of so many pretty sparkly colors that I couldn't begin to name them all!

Here are some pictures of Pegasus Poop on my fingernails. Remember, you're not supposed to laugh at the state of my nails!

When Amanda of Glitters And Bubbles sent it to me, she said it's sheer and recommended layering it over a dark base color. I decided to layer it over Zoya's Pinta, which is a beautiful, rich purple. Look how pretty Pinta is -- I figured a sheer holo would look really nice over it. 

Aaaaand I was right! This is two coasts of Pegasus Poop over two coats of Pinta:

with flash:

direct sunlight:

I received Pegasus Poop in the mail last Saturday and immediately put it on (over Pinta). This is what it looked like on Friday afternoon, after almost a full week of wear. I typically change out my nail polish every two days because nail polish chips terribly on my nails, no matter what sort of base/top coat I use, how much money I spend on the polish, etc. A friend of mine was with me when, only moments after a manicure, my nail polish got a huge chip in it -- while I was doing nothing. I mean nothing but laying on the sofa, talking to her. That's what a terrible time I have keeping polish on my nails. And I usually have terrible tip wear within 24 hours. So imagine my surprise when Pegasus Poop (over Pinta) didn't give me any tip wear for several days, and didn't chip until the 5th and 6th day of wear! My nails usually look worse than this after 2 days of wear -- but this is after almost a week of wear!!! I've never encountered a polish that lasts so long on my nails.

Since Pinta brought out so many of Pegasus Poop's pretty purple qualities, I figured I'd try it out over another color. And then I had the bright idea to try it over several other colors and see what sort of results I got. So this afternoon, I painted four fingers each with a different color of nail polish -- red, green, pink, and blue. Here is what I started with (two layers of each color):

And this is what each one of these multi-colored nails look like with two coats of Pegasus Poop on top of it. 

I think my favorite is Pegasus Poop layered over the red nail polish. It brings out the pinks and reds and rose-golds holo-sparkle much more than the other colors. 

I'm really enjoying Pegasus Poop and so happy I got a bottle of it. If Amanda's ever able to restock it, I want to buy several bottles for friends and at least one backup for me. 


  1. So pretty, I need this polish now!

  2. That is gorgeous! Too bad I missed out but I don't have nails to polish anyway, lol. Your nails look perfect to me. Mine are shameful, especially my cuticles. :(

    I love seeing it over all the colored bases, neat idea! Thanks for sharing :)