Sunday, April 29, 2012

Max Factor Moon Dust Nail Polish

Last month, a lovely later from Twitter CPd (Custom Purchased) for me a nail polish that I'd been wanting, but which can only be bought in the UK. Apparently Boots was having a sale, and so she picked up a second polish for me, too. This was the extra tag-along nail polish, and I actually love it more than the one I had specifically requested!

The nail polish is Max Factor's Moon Dust. It's a gorgeous dusty purple with silver and reddish-grape shimmers in it that are so teeny-tiny that rather than sparkle, this polish just shimmers a little. It's so pretty that I wish the bottle were larger. It's a "Max Effect Mini Nail Polish" and I'd definitely love having this particular color in a larger size. If I ever make it over to the UK again, I'll have to stock up!

As always, please disregard the horrible state of my nails and cuticles. I'm constantly working on them, but I just have chronically unhealthy nailbeds. Likewise, you'll see a bit of tip wear in these photos -- that's my fault for not taking photos sooner. Still, you can get the gist of the nail color, and that's what's important!


  1. Even though I'm not a nail polish fan I have to comment on this - the color is soooo pretty!! Makes me want to stop biting my nails - just for a minute.

    1. It is really pretty and I definitely recommend it!