Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ozotic 513, 518, 534 - Swatches

Last weekend, my good friend Blix Moonmaiden and I split eight bottles of Ozotic nail polish. I've been drooling for a while over the Ozotic swatches I've seen online, but these polishes are pricey, and I just couldn't justify the expense...until Blix and I decided to share bottles. I am so glad we did! They are all absolutely stunning. I will take photos of the others as I wear them, but this week, I wore three of the holographic colors: 513, 518, and 534. They are absolutely amazing beyond words. I couldn't stop ogling my fingernails and all their shiny sparkliness!

As usual, my nailbeds are the thorn in my size, so please disregard their dryness and general grossness. :(

All photos were taken in direct sunlight.

L-R: 518, 513, 534

Ozotic 518:

Ozotic 513:

Ozotic 534:

I love the color of the red (518) polish, but the holo didn't sparkle nearly as much as it did on the others, and so out of this batch of three, that one is my least favorite. As for which is my favorite, I can't decide between 513 and 534. They're both brilliantly stunning.


  1. Oh wow, these are all spectacular! I really like the look of the read, even if the holo isn't as apparently in it.

  2. Those are awesome! I love 534.