Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Floam! My Most Unique Nail Polish

From the moment I saw my very first swatch of Floam, I knew I had to have some. Floam was originally a molding compound mass-marketed by Nickelodeon as a toy. I got some for my nephew about 9-10 years ago,  and thought it was some pretty fun stuff. Well, Amy at I'm Feeling Nail-Venturous was inspired to make the nail polish version of Floam. Floam (the nail polish) is a clear polish loaded with blue and yellow-green matte glitter.  It's definitely the most unique nail polish in my collection, and I love it! I kind of want to paint everything in sight with it...

This is what Floam looks like without a colored base coat -- this is three coats of Floam over a clear base coat.

It's definitely fun and unique, but three coats still doesn't provide full coverage, so I thought I'd see how it looks over a marine-colored base. I used Kissy by Sinful Colors, which I'm holding in this next photo, so you can see the base color (in the bottle).

I applied two coats of Kissy, then two coats of Floam, and I LOVE how it turned out. I really, really like Floam with this base color. 

Floam would probably look pretty neat over a bright blue or neon yellow or neon green base color, too. I may have to pick up a couple for the sole purpose of layering with Floam.

This is a really neat polish. You can buy it at NinjaPolish.com. It's currently out of stock, but if you sign up for an email when it's in stock, they'll email you as soon as it's available again. That's how I got mine! But once you get the email, act quick, because this stuff is so unique and so fun that it sells out fast.

I am hoping that the creator of Floam might make this in other colors eventually -- I'd love to see hot pink/black or purple/orange Floam polishes!

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  1. Ooohhh...I love it over a dark base color! When I wore it I did it over white and it looked ok but I really like the dark beneath it.