Saturday, May 19, 2012

Making Over My Sister

My dad is visiting from out-of-state, and while he took my nephew shopping this afternoon, my "little" sister and I had some time to kill. She rarely wears makeup and has been wanting me to do a makeover on her, and also show her how to wear eyeshadow. I did the best I could with what I had -- I'm not a makeup artist, and I don't have makeup for other people besides myself, so all of my foundations, etc. are color-matched to me only. My sister's skin is much darker than my own, and quite olive-toned, so I struggled a bit with her foundation. I ended up using a BB cream that was not quite dark enough, but with a little bronzer, we made do.

For her eyes, she asked me to do a "wearable party look" using darker colors. She took a look through my shadow stash and selected about 20 eyeshadow colors she liked, pinpointing the one that was her favorite. I took that one and picked three other colors that I thought would be complimentary. I worked on her left eye (the one on the right in the photos below) and then had her copy what I did on her left eye. She placed the colors a lot heavier on her eye than I had. I prefer the look I did on her right eye, and she prefers the look she did on her left eye.

And then we ran out of time, and had to scramble to get out of the house to go out for my husband's birthday dinner, so we didn't have time to even out her eyes and make them look more similar, hence the off-kilter eye looks in the photos below.

Here are the before-and-after photos:

Her hair is a little crazy in the 2nd photo because I had her clip it back while we were doing her makeup.

This photo shows which of us did which eye look (using all the same colors):

Here is a photo of her with her eyes closed:

I wish we wouldn't have run out of time -- there was more we both wanted to play around with, but we had to rush through the last few minutes since my dad, my husband, and my sister's son were getting annoyed with us for taking so long. They were hungry, and when the men in the family get hungry, you don't want to make them wait longer than you have to!

It was fun and I look forward to getting her over here again to play with makeup. She wants to work next on learning some wearable daytime makeup, and after that, she wants to discuss "makeup wardrobe basics," so she can make sure to have all of the basic items she needs for her particular skin concerns, skin type, etc. 

This is what we used on her:

Benefit Porefessional primer
Coastal Scents Dark Camo Quad -- 2nd lightest concealer under eyes
Etude House Precious Minerals #23 BB Cream (far too light, but it was the closest foundation I had to her skin tone)
Meow Cosmetics Sizzle bronzer
Nars Orgasm blush
Guerlain Meteorites finishing powder

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
MAC Brule on brow bone
Chinovi Cosmetics Blame on inner corner/tear duct area
Chinovi Cosmetics Rock On on center of lid
Chinovi Cosmetics Hot Cocoa on outer corner and blended into crease
Chinovi Cosmetics Rave beneath lower lash line
Ben Nye MagiCream eyeliner pencil in Black MC-1 lining upper lash line
Urban Decay Supercurl mascara

Revlon Lip Butter in Brown Sugar

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