Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mercy Moi!

I have a new favorite purple eyeshadow! That takes a lot for me to say, because really, all purple eyeshadows are my favorite purple eyeshadows. I mean, I really love purple eyeshadows and I have a ton of them and they're all gorgeous.

However, I received an order of samples this week from Moi Minerals, and one of the shadow samples I ordered was "Mercy", which is described as "Deep purple/blue lights when applied and then color shifts to a rose/copper...becomes more metallic rose copper when wet."

Holly from Moi Minerals generously upgraded my sample of Mercy to a full size, and she couldn't have picked a better color to do it with. I am in love with Mercy! It's an incredibly complex color, but to my eye, it's predominantly purple, but it definitely looks more rose/copper in certain lights.

I had to take a ton of photos of this color on my eyes (it's the main lid color in the below EOTD photos), as well as swatches, and a photo of the shadow in the jar.

So here you go, Mercy from Moi Minerals:

This photo is very close to the true color I see in the jar. In real life, it may have a tiny bit more of an amethyst purple about it.

The following swatches were taking in various lighting settings.

Do you have a favorite purple eyeshadow? I'd love to know about it!

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  1. I have a sample of this & really like it. Need to dig it out though as my Moi samples don't get much love :(