Friday, June 29, 2012

Random Looks from June

I haven't updated in over a week! Things have been crazy around here. However, today is the first day of a 10 day "staycation", and I'm hoping to have some time to play with makeup, take photos, and update my blog.

I found a bunch of Look Of The Day photos on my camera that I know I took during the month of June. I have no idea what I was wearing in most of them, but thought I'd post them here anyway, to remind myself of some of the looks I did. It also appears to be a photo documentation of the number of bad hair days I had this month!

This smoky eye look is my favorite of the bunch. I have no idea what brand or shades I'm wearing, but it should be easy to recreate. Gorgeous jewelry is by Alicia Stardust at Elements & Artifacts.

I like this simple, neutral look. Perfect for a day at the office:

My favorite part of this look is the lip color. I think it may have been MAC New York Apple, but am not entirely certain. Another simple, neutral look for the office: 

I remember this look and remember loving the way my eyes looked, but now, I have no clue what brand or shades I was using. I love the necklace and earrings in this photo - I bought them in Bratislava a couple of years ago for only 4 Euros for the set!

The primary eyeshadow on my lid is Virus Insanity Eyeshadow's "Clawdeen," which might possibly be the singularly most complex and amazing eyeshadow I've encountered so far. Clawdeen is described as "a shimmery medium brown with iridescence that shifts from green to gold to purple." As you can see from the photo, it is definitely not your run-of-the-mill brown. In fact, when I am wearing it, I see less brown than gold, silver, purple, green, rose, and even a bit of aqua. Everyone needs this color. It's beyond amazing! The gorgeous Labradorite pendant and custom earrings are by Alicia Stardust at Elements & Artifacts

A really bad hair day, but my eyes looked so pretty! I think the lid color was Sugarpill's Lumi with Milani Brown Stone in the crease, but again, just not positive about it! No idea what the lip color was. Too bad -- it's pretty! I wish you could see the earrings in this photo better. They are so super cute and were a gift from Alicia Stardust at Elements & Artifacts

And these last two I added because they make me laugh. One of the weekly video challenges for a makeup group I'm in was "drunk makeup" or "non-dominant-hand makeup." So I mixed myself a deelishus whipped vodka + juice beverage or three, and decided it would be a brilliant idea to do drunken makeup with my non-dominant hand. This was the result. I'm three sheets to the wind in these photos, which makes me laugh even more at the cheeziness of them. The lip color is Geek Chic's Chrysalis Joystick, which is an awesome, bright, metallic purple.

I look just downright scary in this photo. That's what happens when I'm drunkenly applying my makeup with my left-hand!

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