Friday, July 27, 2012

O.P.I. Spotted - Swatches and Review

When I first heard that O.P.I. had released a new nail polish finish called "Spotted," I was so excited to try it. I saw my first swatches of it on Nailderella's blog, where it looks absolutely awesome. I  never really liked the whole crackle finish trend, but I thought those spots looked pretty neat.

While O.P.I. Spotted is part of The Amazing New Spider-Man collection, it is only available at Sephora in France. As in France, Europe. And here I am, in Colorado, USA, with no chance of going to France any time soon, and I know no one in France! So I did the next best thing: I reached out to a nail-polish-fanatic friend of mine who lives in Belgium. In turn, she reached out to a friend of hers who lives in France, and in less than 48 hours, she had hooked both of us girls up!

My results weren't nearly as spectacular as Nailderella's. This is a freaking HARD finish to work with! I'll get into why in a minute, but first: some pictures!

Just as when using a crackle finish, you need to let your base color dry completely before putting the Spotted on top. The hard part comes in with the application -- you have to apply a VERY thin layer or it doesn't look good at all, and the spotted effect doesn't really work well. But if you don't actually get enough on the brush, and you go back over part of your nail that you've already applied Spotted to, it gets streaky instead of spotted. It's hard to find just the right balance. In addition, the brush that comes with this product is too hard and bristly for this extremely thin formula. The brush itself makes application difficult.

When the application is done just right, I actually like the lace/web effect, as in this image below:

But when the application isn't done exactly right, it can end up looking streaky, as in this image below:

If you don't do the application "just right" with every single nail -- and it's difficult because of the extremely thin nature of Spotted's formula -- you have ruined the effect, and either have to live with it for the life of the mani, or re-do that nail/those nails from the base coat on up.

Overall, I was not impressed. I don't like the formula -- it's just so thin and so extremely difficult to get just the right amount of polish on the brush. I don't like how streaky the finish becomes if you don't apply it absolutely perfectly the first time. I actually really dislike how this product smells; it doesn't smell like a typical nail polish -- it's even harsher, more chemical-smelling. I think the brush is entirely wrong for this product; it should be a soft, pliable brush instead of one with hard, stiff bristles. And ultimately, even when Spotted is applied correctly and I get the neat lace/web effect, I don't like it in black.

If O.P.I. were to ever release this formula in the U.S. and if they provided consumers with a range of color options, I would try it again. I think a pretty cream-colored "Spotted" finish over, for example, a sage-green or dusty-rose or light tan base color would look really pretty.

To sum up my thoughts, I believe that O.P.I. Spotted is a good idea with less-than-stellar execution. I would like to see a formula that's easier to work with and a formula with less of a harsh chemical odor and a different type of brush provided with the bottle. I would only buy Spotted again if it were sold within the U.S. and if there were more color options to play with.

To achieve this look, I used two coats of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Opium Poppy, one very thin coat of O.P.I. Spotted, and one coat of Seche Vite. The top coat did not change the spotted effect at all. 

This product was purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.


  1. I still want it! I can't help it, I hate the crackle snoring trend that is beaten to death but this is si right up my creepy alley!

  2. looks cool, but wow it sounds like a MAJOR pain!!! i struggle with just painting nails normally, forget this for me! lol

  3. I never heard about this OPI special nail polish before, it gives an amazing effect but I don't think I would like it because of how hard it is to apply, I get really impatient when it comes to paint my nails. Thank you for such a good review and honest opinion Sam xxx

    1. Thanks, Marta. It is definitely unique, but in my opinion, not worth it. I've already swapped it away!