Friday, September 28, 2012

Darling Girl Zombie Apoca-Lips Swatches

Today, I have lip gloss swatches for you from Darling Girl Cosmetics. Darling Girl released its Halloween collection two weeks ago, and I ordered right away. I ordered "Try Me" sizes of all of the Zombie Apoca-Lips glosses, as well as one of the general catalog glosses, Zombie, since it fit the theme.

Look how cute these sample sizes are! There is 1.5 ml of product in each of these mini lip gloss tubes, which is more than enough product to test out several times.

L-R: Almost A Ghost, Brain Daddy, Gina Cadaverous, Graveyard Betty, Hellspawn,
Hide And Creep, Jasmine Boneforhands, The Littlest Zombie, Living Dead Fabulous, and Zombie

The listings for these glosses indicate that while they're each pretty on their own, they may be layered over a dark shade to bring out their "true beauty and shiftiness." For that reason, I swatched them over bare skin as well as over Tick:Tock Cosmetics' Infinity Eye Shadow Base in Black Hole. I wouldn't wear this eye shadow base on my lips, but it gives you an idea as to how they look over a dark color. Even though Zombie isn't part of the Halloween collection, I swatched it over the black base just like the others.

And here are the swatches, each under a different lighting setting. This is my first time arm-swatching lip gloss, hence the messiness. :)

L-R: Almost A Ghost, Brain Daddy, Gina Cadaverous, Graveyard Betty, Hide and Creep,
Hellspawn, Jasmine Boneforhands, The Littlest Zombie, Living Dead Fabulous, Zombie

They're all so sparkly and shifty that it's hard to say which is my favorite. I like them all! I'd probably be more likely to wear Living Dead Fabulous and Almost A Ghost the most often, since they're both more typical of the color lip gloss I generally wear than, but all of them are going to get some use, that's for sure!

Try Me Size (1.5 ml) mini lip glosses are $2.25 each. Full size (3 ml) lip glosses are $5.25 each. They are limited edition, and I don't know how long they'll be offered, so if you like any of them, you should order soon!

Which are your favorites? Are you going to buy any Darling Girl Zombie Apoca-Lips lip glosses?


  1. Those are all super gorgeous! I wouldn't even be able to choose a favorite. :)

  2. I really wanted to try out the Zombie Apoca-lips, awesome swatches :) Hellspawn and Almost a Ghost look lovely!

  3. Oh finally some swatches, thanks a lot!! They all look gorgeous, it will be hard to choose which ones I shall pick...maybe a few full sizes and some try me sizes...Living dead girl and zombie look like jam ^_^

  4. Why you make me die? ;p Awesome awesome swatches. :)