Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lumikki Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches

I know I haven't posted in two months. Life has been C.R.A.Z.Y.!!! Here's to hoping I can find time to blog more in 2013!

Today, I have swatches of a few eye shadows from Lumikki Cosmetics

From the lower left corner to the upper-right corner, the shades are: Dragon Scale, Concubine, Belly Dancer, Zelda, Blue Grenade, and Aqua Medley.

L-R: Dragon Scale, Concubine, Belly Dancer, Zelda, Blue Grenade, Aqua Medley

L-R: Concubine (just a tiny corner of it, but you can really see the sparkles!), Belly Dancer, Zelda, Blue Grenade, Aqua Medley

L-R: Belly Dancer, Zelda, Blue Grenade, Aqua Medley

Zelda, Blue Grenade, Aqua Medley

I am in love with these eye shadows! They're highly pigmented, super sparkly, and if you use a sticky base to keep the sparkle on, they last all day long. While I love them all, my favorites are Dragon Scale and Blue Grenade. I don't have another color remotely similar to either of them in my collection. 

I ordered on December 9. The package shipped on December 9 and was delivered on December 12. 

Lumikki Cosmetics also has phenomenal customer service. My first order was for 2 jars of Dragon Scale and 1 jar of Zelda. I received 1 jar of Dragon Scale, 1 jar of Zelda, and 1 sample clamshell of Blue Grenade. I contacted Sule, the owner, and let her know about the missing jar. She replied promptly, apologized for the oversight, and said that to make up for the missing jar, she would not only send it out right away, but would also include a full size jar of my choice! (I chose Concubine.) When the package arrived only two days later -- during the middle of the postal holiday rush season -- the jars of Dragon Scale and Concubine were accompanied by two very generous sample clamshells of Aqua Medley and Belly Dancer. 

I contacted Sule about the missing jar on December 12. It shipped on December 13 and arrived on December 15.

I am impressed by both the quality and uniqueness of the colors I've tried so far, the lightning-quick turnaround time, the responsible packaging, the friendliness of the owner, and her immediate attention to the customer service matter. I will be back for more and look forward to trying many more of her eye shadows.

First-time customers get 15% off their entire order with coupon code 15OFFNEWCUSTOMER.

Have you tried Lumikki Cosmetics? If so, what are your favorite eye shadows shades? If not, are there any shades calling your name?