Monday, January 21, 2013

Liquid Euphoria Nirvana - A Treasure I Didn't Know I Had!

Every now and then you hear a story about a guy shopping in a small-town thrift store, who stumbles upon a bona fide original Picasso. Or someone who bought an old photo album at a rummage sale, and discovers a 100+ year old baseball card in it worth $100,000. I always wish something like that would happen to me. Well, it finally did. Not that it'll make the news and not that I'll get rich off it, but it was nice to find that I have a little treasure in my nail polish stash that I didn't previously know was a coveted item of value.

Last week, I was poking around online looking at nail stuff, when I stumbled upon this old LiveJournal nail polish sale from last summer. The last comment on the post shows that someone bid $150 on this 2/3 full bottle of Liquid Euphoria nail polish. My eyes bugged out of my head, and I said, "What the...!!!!! I HAVE THAT!!!!" and I went running to my nail polish racks, and yep, it was sitting right there, unloved and unused for years.

Left: Liquid Euphoria Bliss
Right: Liquid Euphoria Nirvana

Apparently Liquid Euphoria brand nail polishes were discontinued some time ago and are now extremely hard to find and highly coveted. I have two of them: Nirvana and Bliss. I picked them up for $5 each at Hot Topic about 11 years ago, possibly 12 years ago. At the time, I really wanted all of them, because they looked so neat, but I remember being broke as a joke at the time, so I only bought two. I haven't touched them in years, and in fact, during Zoya's Earth Day 2012 sale, where you can send back old nail polishes to be disposed of in an environmentally-responsible way, I almost sent these in with my other crummy old nail polishes. At the last minute, I decided that even though they were sludgy and unwearable, they were so pretty that I'd keep them, so I pulled them out of the box.

When I found out how rare they are, I was so glad to find them still sitting on my nail polish rack! Someone suggested adding a little nail polish thinner, so I bought some, added six drops to one bottle and four drops to the other, and voila! the polishes were as good as new.

Today, I'm showing you Nirvana. It's pretty when worn alone, but really mind-blowingly spectacular when worn over a dark base. So here are a whole bunch of pictures of Liquid Euphoria Nirvana on top of a black base. I apologize for the dink and chips -- I managed to get a dink in it right away when I did my mani on Friday night, but didn't want to re-do the entire nail. Then last night, I scrubbed (I mean SCRUBBED!) my bathroom and forgot to put on gloves, so I ended up with a couple of chips.

And now, Nirvana in all its glory!

Direct sunlight:

Here it is in direct sunlight from a different angle, and where it begins to get really interesting:

These photos were taken outdoors in the shade:

These photos were taken outdoors in the shade, but with flash added:

These last few photos were taken under a few different types of lamplight inside my house:

This last photo shows a different shade of dark green that I couldn't catch while holding the bottle, hence the different style of photo. 

Isn't Nirvana pretty? Photos don't even begin to capture how beautiful it is. When I'm laying in bed, from a certain angle of the lamplight on my end table, the color on my nails actually looks like a deep teal. But of course I haven't been able to capture that on film.

I'll do a post with pics of Liquid Euphoria Bliss soon.

Have you ever discovered a rare "treasure" that you owned? 


  1. Gah! No no no no no you didn't!!!!!!
    I'm such a sucker for duo chromes and now you almost made me drool all ocer my ipad!!!!
    Gaaaaaargggh! These are amazingly beautifully gorgeous and purrrrty!!! You should never use any other polish than these haha!!! I love that bronze that reflects in green, but mine is from models own and now you've made me do my nails tonight!!/Azure

  2. oh my god, these are all gorgeous! Love the duo chrome effects :) xx

    1. Thank you so much! And thank you for following me. :)


    And buy more duos!

    1. Ha ha! If someone wants to buy them, I'm open to offers!

  4. Wow... that polish is really beautiful! How sad that they are so hard to find now

  5. I would absolutely love to make you an offer. I have been searching for these for months now. I've had my Nirvana since I was in high school, and it's almost out! What is your email?!

    1. Hi Steph, I sent you an email a few days ago. If you didn't get it, check your junk mail, and if you still don't have it, please let me know!

  6. They used to make these and now they make those pumpkin bottle polishes? What a comedown.

  7. I also have two in my stash and didn't realize that it was a thing to own. In my hot hand are bliss and ecstasy. I was rearranging my stash and came across them and wondered if the the other colors were available. I saw the $150 offer and thought that that was crazy!