Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dorian & Dahl Clever Girl Twist Lipstick Review

Dorian & Dahl Apothecary recently released a new product - Twist Lipstick. There are currently 8 unique colors plus another Valentine's Day Limited Edition lipstick. The Twist Lipsticks are all handcrafted and over half of them are vegan. I love Dorian & Dahl perfume, so I was really excited to try the lipstick. I chose Clever Girl, which is described as "coppery brick red with beige shimmer and sneaky turquoise sparkles."

When I received the lipstick, I was a little surprised at just how coppery it appears in the tube, but at least with my skin tone, it applied as a much softer peachy-copper than orange-copper. For the life of me I don't see any of the "sneaky turquoise sparkles," however. They're really sneaky!

Here are a few swatch photos for you: 

This swatch was taken in natural light. 

The next two swatches were taken under an Ottlite: 

This swatch was taken in my light box: 

Clever Girl is a really pretty color. It's soft and feminine, and works well with my skin tone. I imagine it'll look even prettier on me in the summer, when I have a bit more color to my skin. 

The formula is great -- it's smooth and silky, and doesn't feel sticky or clumpy at all on my lips. Erin did tell me that after she sent this lipstick, she "tweaked the formula a bit so it's now a bit slicker/smoother." I can't possibly imagine it being slicker/smoother, but I look forward to trying a reformulated Twist Lipstick and experiencing the difference.  

The lipstick is flavored with coconut milk and lip-safe peach flavoring. I really like that the flavor is so subtle that I'm not constantly reminded of the coconut/peach flavor, but it's strong enough to keep the lipstick from tasting like... well, just plain old lipstick. 

All of the ingredients are listed on the product listing

Dorian & Dahl Twist Lipsticks are $9 each, but right now, through February 8, you can buy two for $16

Nakey lips in natural lighting:

Wearing Clever Girl in natural lighting: 

Verdict: I really like Dorian & Dahl's Clever Girl Twist Lipstick and definitely recommend the product!  I went to San Diego last week, and packed several lippies, including Clever Girl. I ended up wearing it the entire time because I liked it so much. I think I'm going to get a lot of use out of it, and am really glad I picked this color. I'm looking forward to trying more Dorian & Dahl Twist Lipsticks, and can't wait to see what colors she comes up with next!

* Product sent for consideration. All opinions are  my own.

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