Sunday, April 7, 2013

Milani Violet Volt - Possible Dupe for MAC Violetta (and Heroine)

Disclosure: This post features products that were both gifted to me and purchased by me.
All opinions are my own.

I know I haven't blogged in ages. But I wanted to show you guys something neat!

A few weeks ago, my good friend Wendi, over at Makeup Zombie, sent me a tube of Milani Violet Volt Color Statement Lipstick. I put it on and it looked so pretty. And then it occurred to me, it sure looks a heck of a lot like another color I own, like a non-matte version of MAC Heroine lipstick. So I pulled out my tube of Heroine, and in the process stumbled upon a long-forgotten tube of MAC Violetta lipstick, and it looked pretty darn similar, too.

The sun was out, and so I swatched the three lipsticks together. What I found is that Violet Volt is not a dead-on dupe of MAC Violetta, but it's really, really close. And yes, it really is like a non-matte version of MAC Heroine.

As you can see, in the flash photo, Violet Volt leans a touch pinker than Violetta and Heroine, but it's still definitely in the same shade range.

In indirect sunlight, the difference between Violet Volt and Violetta aren't nearly as distinct as in the flash photo, although you can see still Violet Volt leaning just a touch pinker than Violetta.

In direct sunlight, the Violet Volt and Violetta look even more similar to each other, and the similarity to Heroine's color is really evident here.

Below is a photo of me wearing Milani Violet Volt. Last year, I did a blog post on MAC Heroine, so you can see what the color looked like on me in that post.

Milani Violet Volt is not an exact dupe of either MAC Violetta or MAC Heroine. However, they're definitely similar, and to my eye, they look very similar.  While Violet Volt has a different finish than Heroine, it's so close to both the shade and tone of Heroine and Violetta that I don't need all three lippies. I actually prefer the sheen of Violet Volt and Violetta to the matte finish of Heroine, so Heroine has already gone off to another friend.

If you were to ask me which of these three lipsticks I would recommend, I would say hands-down, Milani Violet Volt.

While I did not purchase Violet Volt, I have purchased other Milani Color Statement lipsticks, and they were $4.99 each, and at the time, they had a buy-one-get-one-50%-off deal. Violetta and Heroine retail at $15 each. You may not get exactly the same shade or finish -- and Milani doesn't smell nearly as delicious as MAC lipsticks -- but unless it's highly important that your impeccable taste be recognized when you whip out your phallus-shaped tube of MAC lipstick, I'd say the 66.6% savings is well worth getting an almost-dupe as opposed to an exact-dupe.

If you love a particular color, would you be willing to pay 2/3 less for a very, very similar color, or would you rather pay full price to get the very same exact color you love?


  1. They all look similar enough that I don't need to worry about trying to grab Heroine - I have plenty of matte purples, and I have lots of dupes for Violetta as well!

  2. I wish they'd come out with Violet Volt a year ago after I was super bummed to have missed out on Heroine. I've been searching for something similar ever since, to no avail. I JUST got a sample of Violetta a few weeks ago and love it, of course. I've been looking high and low for Violet Volt since it's release, but no stores I've checked carry it. And then of course out of nowhere, MAC just re-released Heroine and I ordered it right away, so now I have the Heroine lipstick I've been coveting for so long. I love it; it's actually my first real MAC lippie and to me it was worth the extra $$ to get the exact product and finish I was looking for. I still have my Violetta sample and I don't know, I may still end up getting Violet Volt just because I've been on a purple kick lately, haha. But for now I'm super happy with my Heroine. :)
    V.V. looks amazing on you in that pic, btw!!! <3