Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ninja Polish Enter The Dragon

I purchased Enter The Dragon.
I received Nouveau Vintage as a gift.

Ninja Polish's Enter The Dragon is a glitter top coat that looks best worn over another color. When I first wore it over black, I was underwhelmed, but then I tried it on top of a couple of brown nail polishes, and I was positively overwhelmed by how much it really looks like dragon scales!

All week I've been wearing Enter The Dragon on top of Color Club's Nouveau Vintage. My apologies for the chips at the tips of my nails--as I said, I've been wearing this all week, and I type a lot at work, so chips are inevitable.

Click the images to view full-size for maximum glittery awesomeness!

In the next few pictures, I'm holding a bottle of Ninja Polish Enter The Dragon:

In these pictures, I'm holding a bottle of Color Club Nouveau Vintage, which is the "underwear" for Enter The Dragon:

Close-ups to show just how much rainbow sparkle is in Enter The Dragon: 

The blurry photo gives an idea of the ridiculous amount of sparkle Enter The Dragon gives off when it catches the light: 

In addition to Enter The Dragon, I also own a few other Ninja Polish "Dragon" polishes, which I'll have to post photos of soon, because they're all really fantastic!

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