Friday, November 8, 2013

EOTD: BFTE Meteor Shower & Always A Bridesmaid

I purchased this.

I did this look a long time ago, but just came across it on my hard drive and remembered how much I loved pairing together BFTE Meteor Shower and Always A Bridesmaid (even if my eyebrows were a mess. Yikes!)

The first four photos were taken in sunlight. This next photo is blurry and taken indoors under tungsten lighting, with no flash. It's not a great photo, but what it does is show the sparkle of Meteor Shower, which is what makes this eyeshadow so, so spectacular. If you've seen Sugarpill's Stella and like the black shadow with rainbow sparkle, you'll LOVE Meteor Shower, because it's loaded with about five times as much sparkle. It's such a fun color!!!

What I used:
Aside from the two BFTE eye shadows, I honestly have no idea what I used for this look!

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  1. So pretty and sparkly! I think your brows look lovely as well.