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Review & Swatches: Brija Cosmetics Eye Shadows, Blush, and Waterliner

I purchased this.

I've heard good things about a relatively new indie makeup company, Brija Cosmetics, so a few weeks ago, I ordered a couple of sample sets as well as a product called Wide Eyed Waterline Pencil.

I ordered on November 29 and the package shipped on December 5, which is really good turnaround, especially during the holiday season.

I ordered the Wide Eyed Waterline Pencil, a sample pack from the Charmed collection, a sample pack from the One Tree Hill collection. I received everything I ordered, neatly packaged, along with a business card and two additional samples, Whitelighter and Consulting Detective. I thought it was strange to get a sample of an item that was already in one of the sample packs (Whitelighter), but hey, it was a freebie, so I'm not complaining. I'll just gift it off to someone else so they can try it.

Following are Brija's descriptions of each of the products I ordered along with swatch photos and my thoughts.

You Saved Me: A One Tree Hill collection. This collection includes six eyeshadows, one lip tint (not included in the sample pack), and one highlighter/blush. A full size collection is $41. A sample collection (powder only) is $8.75. Individual full size eyeshadow jars are $5. Sunrise Highlighting Powder Blush is $7 for a full size jar. The Peyton Lip Tint (not pictured below) is $6.50 for a full size. 
  • Keith Scott - a warm, semi-matte, deep brown.
  • Comet - a medium bronze with peach duochrome and gold and red/pink sparkles.
  • Sawyer's Heart - a light red shadow with red, blue, and yellow duochrome.
  • Unkindness of Ravens - a dark blue, almost black, with blue duochrome and silver sparkles.
  • Game - can be used as both an eyeshadow and a blush. It is a medium orange that look amazing with browns and all blues. 
  • Rivercourt - a medium silver grey shadow that leans towards blue. It has a subtle green, blue, and gold duochrome, with blue and green sparkles. 
  • Sunrise Highlighting Powder Blush - a light pink with strong blue/purple interference and peachy orange duochrome...great for layering over orange blush (such as "Game"), with a light hand as a highlight, a brow bone highlight, eyeshadow, or for brightening the lips.
Top row, L-R: Keith Scott, Comet, Sawyer's Heart
Middle row, L-R: Unkindness of Ravens, Rivercourt, Game
Bottom: Sunrise Highlighting Powder Blush

Click on the image above and check out just how sparkly Comet is! It is just stunning! Keith Scott is my favorite from this collection. I am always on the hunt for the perfect brown that doesn't lean red, blue, purple, green, and isn't too sparkly, but has shimmer. Well, Keith Scott is it. It is the very, very rare "perfect brown." I have hundreds of brown eyeshadows, and none of them are what I've been looking for in a brown, so I was practically jumping up and down with excitement when I received and swatched Keith Scott. 

Sunrise Highlighting Powder Blush is too pale for me to wear strictly as a blush, but it's great to add a little highlight to the upper cheekbones, and I have used it as a brow bone eyeshadow, and on my skin tone, it works well that way. 

Charmed collection. This collection includes six eyeshadows.  A full size collection is $27. A sample collection is $7.50. Individual full size eyeshadow jars are $5.  
  • Kit - a light grey taupe with red duochrome.
  • Manor - a deep burgundy/brown with a touch of pink.
  • Whitelighter - a light yellow gold with a white brightening base. 
  • Orb - periwinkle with purple and pink duochrome and a touch of turquoise.
  • Freeze - a light icy/frosty blue - reflects blue to white duochrome. 
  • Premonition - a light nude pink/peach (no carmine thought!) with red and purple duochrome and a light touch of purple sparkles. 
The photo below also includes a swatch of Consulting Detective, which I received as a sample. It's described by Brija as "a light plum purple with a pink sheen. It also has fine blue shimmer." 

Top row, L-R: Kit, Manor, Whitelighter
Middle row, L-R: Orb, Freeze, Premonition
Bottom: Consulting Detective

Each of the Charmed colors has an ethereal glow about them. I don't watch the TV show that inspired this collection, but I love how each color seems "witchy." I think my favorite is Kit, because I don't have anything like it in my collection. I also really like Whitelighter as an inner corner highlight. 

I'm really glad Brija included a sample of Consulting Detective, because the whole reason I ordered from Brija in the first place was to order the Sherlock set (because I'm a huge fan of the show and the colors look outstanding), but apparently I checked out without adding it to my basket! Boy did I feel dumb when I received my order and discovered my mistake. I'll be back soon to get the Sherlock set!

Wide Eyed Waterliner Pencil. This is only available as a full size for $7.

Following is the description of this pencil from Brija's website: 

"Wide Eyed is a pencil specifically for the is a shimmery nude that has no visible color on the waterline, but virtually removed all redness! This gives the eye a brightening, more awake look! The pencil glides on without tugging and lasts all day. Wide Eyed can also be used as a lower lash line base to make other eyeshadow colors stick."

What can I say? I LOVE this product! While the description says it has no visible color, I do see a very fair nude/ivory shimmer on my waterline, but it's subtle, and looks natural from any distance at all. I like using something on my lower waterline to remove redness and make my eyes look brighter, but my nude pencils are so stark, and my highlighter pencils are so shimmery, that I really hoped this one would be the perfect medium...and it is. I've used it almost daily since I received it. 

Final Thoughts
Overall, I'm impressed with Brija Cosmetics. I think the prices are fair, the products I samples are really good quality, and the turnaround time was terrific. I do wish samples were available for non-collection single eyeshadows as well as the other collections. I will be shopping with Brija again (soon!) to pick up the Sherlock collection that I missed on my first order. 

Have you tried Brija Cosmetics yet? What do you think of them? 

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