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Review & Swatches: Eccentric Cosmetics

I purchased this.

I recently heard about an Etsy-based indie cosmetics company called Eccentric Cosmetics. I saw some swatches in a makeup group I'm in, and they looked so pretty and ultra-sparkly that I just couldn't resist the urge to throw my money in Eccentric's direction. 

Eccentric is based in Australia, but shipping was really fast to the U.S. I ordered on November 30. On December 2, the owner sent me a message letting me know it had posted. I received the package on December 9. In my experience, that is amazing turnaround time, even with shipping from Australia to the U.S.

Customer Service
When I ordered, I asked the owner a quick question in the comments field of the order form. (My question had to do with making sure it was cool to order both a blogger review pack as well as a regular sample pack.) The owner responded right away, and was very friendly--great customer service!

The order was sent in a bubble mailer, and inside was the cutest little package with a business card. The sample baggies were neatly packed up in baggies inside of the plastic bag pictured here. It was a pleasure to open such a thoughtfully and neatly arranged package.

I ordered both a blogger review pack (5 samples of my choice) and an additional 10-sample pack (again, colors of my choice). I received everything I ordered as well as two additional samples, for a total of 17 eye shadow samples.

Full size eyeshadows are USD $6.00 each. The sample baggies have 1/4 teaspoon of loose eyeshadow in them, and are $6.00 for a five-pack or $12.00 for a 10-pack. 

Product Descriptions and Swatches
Following are Eccentric's descriptions of each of the eyeshadows I received, along with my swatches. 

  • Archangel - vanilla with multicolor sparks.
  • Artificial Intelligence - purplish red shifts to a coppery orange, transforms to a golden green, depending upon the angle and how close to the light the eyeshadow is. Filled with blue and green sparkles. 
  • Biological Manipulation - metallic copper rose shifts to metallic golden sheen over an olive green base. 
  • Digital Love - light pink base changes to a deep pink, and a warm lilac purple. The sparkling highlights change from aqua to green, depending upon the lighting and the angle. 
  • Faint Young Sun - metallic gold sheen with a red undertone. Filled with orange sparks. 
  • Lychee - silverish white with multicolour sparks.

Top row, L-R: Archangel, Artificial Intelligence, Biological Manipulation
Bottom row, L-R: Digital Love, Faint Young Sun, Lychee

Mischievous Punkmetallic red sheen with a purple matte undertone, filled with purple sparks. 
Munchies - shimmery acid green filled with blue sparks.
Mystic glowing blue with flashes of purple, and greenish yellow sparkles. 
Nomad metallic army green filled with red and orange sparks. 
Otta Bengawarm brown with a gold duochrome filled with red shimmers, silver, and gold sparkles.
Peachy warm creamsicle orange with violet shift filled with purple sparks.

Top row, L-R: Mischievous Punk, Munchies, Mystic
Bottom row, L-R: Nomad, Otta Benga, Peachy

Safety Netpale bronze with turquoise shimmers, filled with orange, and gold sparks.
Sea Spiritreddish brown undertone with a green sheen that shifts to aqua at different angles. Filled with blue and red sparks.
Swimming Elephantbeautiful lush emerald over a matte grey base, with turquoise, and gold sparkles. 
Underagepale taupe with gold shimmers.
Urban Graffitiblackened antique gold, filled with orange, and red sparks. 

Top row, L-R: Safety Net, Sea Spirit, Swimming Elephant
Bottom row, L-R: Underage, Urban Graffiti

The majority of these eyeshadows are high quality and stunningly beautiful. Their pigmentation is rich, the colors are just loaded with shimmer and sparkle, they feel like silk and blend like butter. 

The only one I didn't care for is Swimming Elephant, which was disappointing, as it's the color I was most looking forward to. I had difficulty swatching it, and found that even though I lightly patted the eyeshadow on top of glitter glue, using the same brushes and technique that I used with the rest of the swatches, the sparkle just would not stick, and most of what came through was the matte gray base with a little sparkle around the edges.  

The product listings in the Etsy shop are chock full of punctuation and grammar errors and basic typos that could have easily been caught if run through a spelling checker. (I did edit them when I added the descriptions to this post.) While most people aren't bothered by this, I do find it a turnoff, as it's incredibly distracting to me when I'm trying to read the descriptions. Poor grammar, punctuation, and typos won't make me not buy a good product, but it does always leave me with a nagging curiosity as to how much care is going into the product itself if that's the low level of care going into the marketing of the product. 

Final Thoughts
All in all, I'm very pleased with my Eccentric Cosmetics order. The eyeshadows are unique and formulated really well. Shipping is fast, packaging is neat and clean, and customer service is top notch. I would have no problem at all purchasing from Eccentric again. I'm looking forward to using these eyeshadows in upcoming looks. 

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