Monday, February 17, 2014

Review: Eddie Funkouser Eyeliners - Graffiti Liquid Liner and Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus

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I am excited about today's review! I hadn't heard of Eddie Funkhouser cosmetics until recently, but I now have a huge and ever-growing wishlist of Eddie Funkhouser makeup items. I had the opportunity to review a couple of Eddie Funkhouser's line of eye makeup products, and the short version of my review is: I love them! They are amazingly high quality at remarkably affordable prices.

Read on for a more detailed review and photos of these two products:

As always, click on the images for maximum awesomeness!  

Top: Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner in Haze
Bottom: Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus in Absolute Black

First up is the Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner.  Here is the website's description of this product:

Add beautiful, hologram-inspired impact to eyes for an amazing accent of multidimensional, fashion-forward color. 

I received the Graffiti Liquid Liner in the shade Haze. The website describes Haze as "metallic luscious grape."

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner in Haze

The Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner has a very fine, high-quality brush, which allows extremely accurate application of the eye liner. The eye liner formula is neither too thick nor too thin. It has the perfect "Goldilocks" consistency: it's "just right." The color is a bright, metallic, royal purple, and the metallic cast leans toward fuchsia.

As you can see in the swatch photo below, it's easy to get a clean, precise line, and there is no bleeding at all. The liner takes a while to try--longer than most similar products that I've tried. However, once it is dry, the Graffiti Liquid Liner stays put, and won't budge or smudge until you're ready to remove it. I've used my usual cleansing products to remove it, as well as soap and water, and it removed cleanly and easily with both.

Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner is $9.99 and is available in two other colors, Indica (metallic ocean grown blue) and Kush (metallic harvest green). This is a high-quality product, and I hope Eddie Funkhouser will add more colors to this line.  If he does, I look forward to more fun, thematic shade names.

Left: Eddie Funkhouser Graffiti Liquid Liner in Haze
Right: Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus

Next up is the Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus.  Here is the website's description of this product:

Emphasize your eyes with the Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus. With a tapered brush tip, this precision liner is designed for maximum control in creating effortless, clean lines every time.  

The Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus only comes in one color, Absolute Black.

The eye liner applicator has a tapered felt tip, which means you can use it to apply a thin line, a thick line, or anything in between, as you can see from the swatch above.

Edit 3/9/14: When I first posted this review, I thought this liner was a felt-tip liner. Eddie Funkhouser reached out to me and let me know that it's not actually a felt-tip liner. I hadn't looked closely enough when using it. It is actually an amazingly-tapered Nylon brush tip! Eddie stated the "Nylon brush tip is a huge point of difference and what truly stands us apart from other liquid eyeliners." I was stunned to discover it's actually a brush, as I've never seen one so finely and perfectly tapered before. Here are some photos to prove it!

Can you see why I mistook it for a felt-tip liner?

But it's not! It really is a perfectly-tapered brush!

I wish I could find a brush that is this perfectly tapered for use with my gel liners and well, pretty much every other eyeliner I own!

/end edit

Now, I love a good, black, felt-tip eye liner, but I am extremely picky about them. I'm picky about the way the pen feels when I'm holding it. I'm picky that the felt tip must be neither too hard nor too soft. I'm picky that the formula is not too thin, that it applies cleanly, that it dries quickly, that it lasts all day, and that it removes easily without any raccoon-eyed grief.

Over the years, I have tried many felt-tip eye liner pens, and have previously found only two others that I like enough to use daily: Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner and Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Eyeliner. Now that I've used the Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus, I'm hooked! It is equal in quality to the Kat Von D Tattoo liner, but the price tag is approximately 40% less than the equivalent Kat Von D product (for the same amount of product), and in my book, if if there are two similar-quality products, but one is less expensive, I like that one the best. Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus in Absolute Black is now my #1 felt tip eye liner of choice, and once I user up my current stash of other black felt tip eye liner pens, I will be replacing them with the Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus.

Eddie Funkhouser Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus is $10.99. It is only available in the one shade. I'm really hoping that Eddie will expand the color options. I'd love to be able to buy this pen in purple, blue, teal, military green, and especially in a rich brown.

Here is a simple look I wore this past weekend using both the Graffiti Liquid Liner and the Ultra Definition Eye Lining Stylus.

Overall, I'm very impressed with these two Eddie Funkhouser products. In an email to me last week, Eddie stated the following:

To make my brand and message accessible to the masses I have tapped into relationships within the beauty industry to create the highest quality ridiculously affordable products on the market. (Don't be fooled by my price point! My line consists of many Italian formulas and those that are not are just as phenomenal).

I've got to say, he's dead on accurate regarding the high quality products at "ridiculously affordable" prices. I'm so intrigued by the level of quality for the relatively low price, that my wishlist for all sorts of Eddie Funkhouser products has quite long now. 

Not only are the products great, but my email exchanges with Eddie were absolutely delightful. He is so sweet and positive, and seems to really care about making women feel great about themselves. Check out my friend Rebecca's personal story about Eddie Funkhouser that will warm your heart. I have no doubt that when I buy Eddie Funkhouser cosmetics, I'll be supporting a really good, wonderful, and real person--the kind of person I'd want to sit back and hang out with over coffee or a drink. 

You can buy Eddie Funkhouser products on his website here, at a few other online retailers listed here, and I'm told that this brand is available in select Rite Aids. I don't have a Rite Aid conveniently located to either my home or work place, but the next time I'm near one, I'll definitely be stopping by to see if they carry this brand, and if so, I have a feeling I'll be leaving with my pocketbook feeling significantly lighter!

Have you perused the Eddie Funkhouser website or seen them in a Rite Aid? Are there any products that you find particularly intriguing? 

* Product received for consideration. This is no way affects my opinion of the product. All opinions expressed in this review are my own. 


  1. Great looking liners, and I love hearing about great quality drugstore brands & prices.

  2. wow I've never heard of this brand, but it sounds like one I'd be happy to support! That purple liner looks stunning!!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you loved these! And thanks for the link back to my post. <3

  4. They both look great and definitely worthy of try!