Friday, August 1, 2014

EOTD: Darling Girl Clandestine Semi-Loose Eye Shadow

I purchased this.
PR samples.

Darling Girl Cosmetics just released the first few shades of her new formula of semi-loose eye shadows. I was sent a sample of Clandestine to test a couple of months ago, which I used in this look.

If you're not familiar with semi-loose eye shadows, they are loose shadows that have binders added to them, giving them a clumpy or "pebbly" appearance in the jar. The shadows don't need a sticky base to help them adhere to the lid (but you should still use primer, of course). In addition, the binders enhance the eye shadows' natural shifts and shimmers, and prevent the shadow from having as much fallout as the typical loose shadow. 

I'm really excited to try all of Darling Girl's new semi-loose eye shadows, but until I get the four I don't have, I wanted to at least show you a picture I took this past May using Clandestine. There are five new semi-loose eye shadows available now, so pick up one (or two...or five). 

I took this photo so long ago that I don't have any idea what most of the products are that I used for this look. All I can tell you is that the lid color is the semi-loose eye shadow Clandestine, and the eye liner is a Darling Girl Eye Candy Gel Liner called Chocolate Cherries. Sadly, Chocolate Cherries is currently out of stock, but when it's available again, do grab it--it's awesome!

I can't afford to buy all of the new semi-loose eyeshadows at once. I'm going to pick up Rendezvous and Que Sera Sera next. Are there any that you think you might buy soon? 


  1. Yes i need that gel liner ! Damn it's so gorgeous . I hope it will be available again soon !

    1. Yes, you do! Definitely get Zero Gravity when it's available again, too!