Saturday, August 9, 2014

Review: Hourglass 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eyeliner Pencil as a Waterliner

I purchased this.

Last week, I watched a GossMakeupArtist video entitled "NEW | HOURGLASS GEL EYELINER PEN | WATERPROOF EVEN ON THE WATERLINE!" I can't seem to keep most pens or pencils on my waterline, and since I tend to trust Wayne Goss's reviews and opinions, I ran out and bought the pencil right away.

As always, click on the images to view the photos at a significantly larger size.

Here is the description of the 1.5MM Mechanical Gel Eyeliner Pencil from Hourglass's website:
The thinnest, softest, waterproof gel liner. Encapsulated in a 1.5MM mechanical pencil, this liner offers precision, accuracy and ease of application. No pot, no brush, no clean-up required. Just two clicks and one stroke creates dramatic definition that resists transfer for extended wear.

A single pencil is $16 and a pack of three is $45. I opted for the single pencil--no use buying three until I know if it works or not!

I did note that the official description does not say anything about it being waterproof on the waterline. Still, if Wayne Goss said it is, it must be...right? Well...maybe not.

The first time I used it, I applied it at 6:45 a.m. I had to touch up at 7:00 a.m. By 7:30 a.m., this is what my waterline looked like (pardon the quality--it's a phone photo):

It looked awful! It did not stay on my waterline, and the pencil smudged in the outer and inner corners of my eyes and transferred from the waterline onto the skin beneath my lower lashes. It reminded me of what my makeup used to look like in 1994 when I'd come home at 7:00 a.m. after a rough night out listening to live music and drinking too much cheap beer--but in those cases, I'd been wearing my makeup for 12 hours straight, not just freshly applied it!

I did use the pencil to line my upper lashes, then smudged it out. It looked great all day, except for the inner corner, which washed out in less than 45 minutes of application. My eyes hadn't watered any more than usual, but the liner washed out and while it may be waterproof, it is definitely not saline-proof/tear-proof.

I decided to do a test, using no makeup except for the Hourglass Mechanical Gel Eyeliner Pencil on my waterline. I planned to take a picture every 10 minutes exactly, although I've got three very demanding dogs and a sick cat, so my timing wasn't exact, but it was close.

10:45 a.m.: I applied the gel eyeliner pencil, and by the time I turned on my camera and took this photo within one minute of application, you can see it's already starting to wear on the outer corner! Dudes, this is so totally bogus!!!

10:55 a.m.: 10 minutes after application, and the liner is most definitely wearing off on the outer corner and is starting to wear in the center and inner rim of waterline, as well.

11:07 a.m.:  More wear along the entirety of rim. The gel liner that remains has lost its deep, inky shade of black.

11:17 a.m.: The wear has continued. There's almost no liner left on the outer or inner rim.

11:30 a.m.: Only the softest, hint of color remains anywhere on the rim, and a tiny bit of transfer is visible in the very outermost corner of the eye.

11:47 a.m.: It's been one hour (and two minutes). For all intents and purposes, I may as well not have applied anything at all to my waterline. There's the faintest trace of a soft gray color on the rim.

If, after one hour of wear, this is all that's left on my waterline, I'm incredibly unimpressed by this pencil. I can get better results with drugstore pencils that don't cost $16 each. Compounding these poor results is the fact that, depending on which blogger/YouTuber you read/watch, this $16 pencil only lasts somewhere between 17-25 uses. If I were to apply every 15 minutes to keep the color going all day long, it wouldn't even last me one full work day!

While I think Hourglass makes really great products overall, this particular item is definitely not for me. Other people (like Wayne Goss) may have entirely different results, but for me, it's a huge disappointment and big waste of money.

I'm marching this pencil right back to Sephora and returning it.

Have you ever bought a cosmetic product that you thought would be really terrific, only to be terribly disappointed by it? 


  1. Yikes! Not cool. I once bought a Nails Inc. magnetic polish when they first came out and it chipped horribly after a few hours. It went right back to Sephora.

    1. I had the same experience with the Nails Inc. magnetic polishes. :(