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Review: Eddie Funkhouser Professional Brush Collection

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Happy Sunday! Today, I have a review for you that I'm really excited about. I promise, you'll want to pay attention to this one!

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Eddie Funkhouser® Color Cosmetics very recently released a Professional Brush Collection and I was the lucky recipient of three eyeshadow brushes for review:

L-R: Eye Contour Brush, All Over Eye Brush, Crease Brush

While I did receive these items for consideration, all opinions are 100% my own.

First off, if you haven't seen any of my previous posts on Eddie Funkhouser's products, here's a quick synopsis of Eddie Funkhouser® Color Cosmetics: 

Eddie Funkhouser® is a game-changing cosmetics brand created by veteran makeup artist, spokesperson and expert product developer, Eddie Funkhouser. 

With its refined, minimalist packaging and world-class, studio-grade formulas (created predominantly in Italy), the Eddie Funkhouser range has the look and performance of prestige cosmetics delivered to customers everywhere at an unprecedented value.

Now, on to the makeup brush review!

When I first heard about the new brush line, I was curious because I have been very much wanting to expand my current brush collection. Most of the brushes I use are "okay," but nothing to write home about. However, in my search for quality, affordable brushes, I've wasted a lot of money on adding more mediocre brushes to my collection. I wish I could afford luxury, high-end brushes, but unless a Brush Fairy comes along and places them under my pillow some night, I'm not going to be getting any expensive brushes any time soon. 

When I first received these three new eye makeup brushes from Eddie Funkhouser, I was looking forward to trying them, and I assumed they would be relatively nice for their affordable price range, but didn't expect much more than that. 

Product Description:
Each brush is hand-made to exacting standards for studio grade performance. Each brush uses hand-scored hair and has an expertly-sculpted brush head that is integrated into extremely durable metal ferrules, then fused to premium hardwood handles and finished with multiple layers of lacquer for a lustrous, piano-black finish. The brush hair is hand-dyed with a unique ombre tint that gives it a very modern, chic look. The ferrules are made from premium aluminum, providing superior balance, lighter weight, and less shedding. The multiple layers of lacquer seals the hardwood handles for exceptional durability and lasting beauty. When regularly cleaned and properly handles, these brushes should last for many years.

Before I used these brushes, I washed them (as you should with all new brushes!) and hung them upside-down to dry. There was no shedding at all when I washed them, and they maintained their shape during while drying. After they dried down, there were a few loose hairs in the All Over Eye Brush. There were a few teeny tiny broken bits of hair that fell off on their own, one larger loose hair that I easily pulled out, and another larger loose hair that I couldn't pull out, so I opted to trim it down to size.

Each brush from the Eddie Funkhouser Professional Brush Collection arrived double-wrapped in plastic. Each brush had an individual plastic brush sleeve around it, and then that was inserted into a larger plastic sleeve that folds over and seals at the top. I was happy to see the extra care that went into the packaging of these brushes. 

The brushes picked up each eye shadow I used and distributed it evenly and smoothly across the surface of my skin. More importantly: THESE BRUSHES ARE S.O. S.O.F.T.!!!! Let me restate in case you missed that: THESE ARE THE SOFTEST MAKEUP BRUSHES I HAVE EVER USED

There is not one single brush in my collection that comes remotely close to the softness of these Eddie Funkhouser eye makeup brushes. They felt so good against my skin as I was applying my eyeshadow, and before I'd even finished my makeup, I had already decided that I have no need to keep expensive, unaffordable, high-end, luxury brand brushes on my wishlist, because these brushes are so soft, feel so good in my hands, and apply makeup so expertly, that they are everything I've been wanting--and more. I say "and more" because I honestly had no idea a makeup brush could ever be this soft. 

Cost Comparison:
The Eddie Funkhouser Eye Contour Brush is $10.49. The All Over Eye Brush is $8.99. The Crease Brush is $8.99

Sigma eye makeup brushes will run you $14 - $19, depending on the brush. A starter set of five Real Techniques brushes costs $18. Makeup Geek eye makeup brushes are around $7 - $8, depending on the brush (and if you can snag them when they're actually in stock.) Sedona Lace eye makeup brushes will run you $14 - $17, depending on the type of brush. 

If you take a step up to the more popular MAC Cosmetics eye makeup brushes, you're looking at spending anywhere from $15 - $32, depending on the brush. 

While I have not used all of these brands of brushes, I spent several years using nothing but MAC brushes, and not one single one of my MAC brushes remotely stands up to the Eddie Funkhouser eye makeup brushes. Not only are the MAC brushes not as soft, but they don't apply makeup as effectively nor blend as well, and the wooden handles on most of them have chipped, split, and splintered.

While you can certainly spend less money on your eye makeup brushes, I honestly don't think it's possible to spend less and get the amazing the quality of the Eddie Funkhouser brushes.

What I Like Most/What I Like Least:
What I like the most is two-fold: I love the price range that is quite friendly for people--like me--who live on a budget. I also love how soft the brushes are. I could just sit around all day and rub these brushes around on my face. They feel sooooo soft and smooth. They're positively heavenly--like angels-sitting-on-puffy-clouds soft. 

What I like least is... absolutely nothing. I cannot find one single thing about these brushes that I don't like.

This is a look I created using only the three Eddie Funkhouser eye makeup brushes in this review,
along with a few other Eddie Funkhouser makeup products:

I LOVE these brushes. I believe they are the answer to my search for affordable, but amazing makeup brushes. I love the packaging, their softness, the price point, their effectiveness, and I love the way the lacquered handles won't chip or splinter. While my husband and I were in the car yesterday, the poor guy had to listen to me raving about the awesomeness of these brushes, and I informed him I would be purchasing every single brush in the Eddie Funkhouser Professional Brush Collection. I'm very excited about these brushes!

What do you think about the Eddie Funkhouser Professional Makeup Collection? 


  1. I would be interested to see the same look done with a variety of brush brands. Or, one-swipe swatch tests with different brush brands. Keep the colors and application process identical and just change the brushes to really see how the pigmentation and wear time compare.

    Have you tried the new It Cosmetics brushes for Ulta? I spent $13 on a small shader brush. It's REALLY soft and deposits colors well, but the end of the brush is fluffy and hard to control where the color ends on my lid.

    1. That's a great idea. I will have to put that on my list of blog topics!