Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: Hard Candy Fierce Effects High Intensity Eye Shadow

I purchased this.

I recently heard about Hard Candy's new line of eye shadows called Fierce Effects High Intensity Eye Shadow. I heard they're similar to L'Oreal Infallibles in that they're a soft, semi-loose/semi-pressed shadow that has great lasting power. So, the last time I was at Wally World, I saw them in stock and figured that for only $5 each, it wouldn't hurt to pick up a couple and give them a try. I opted for the Slow & Steady and Soft & Sultry sets.

Each of the Fierce Effects sets comes with two eyeshadows and a little card insert with instructions for three different looks.

The packaging is very much like the L'Oreal Infallible packaging, from the design of the square jar with screw-top lid, to the plastic discs that keep the soft shadows semi-pressed.

Beneath the plastic discs, the eye shadow inside definitely looks similar in consistency to the L'Oreal Infallibles. Three of the four Hard Candy shadows I bought had slightly mottled effects, but that doesn't appear to affect or change the overall color during use.

The Slow & Steady set contains one warm, light cream shade and one warm, mid-tone brown shade.

The Soft & Sultry set contains one warm, mid-tone gold shade and one cool, silvery, sage green shade.

Left: Slow & Steady (2 colors)
Right: Soft & Sultry (2 colors)

I think it's interesting that the two colors in each set do not have individual, unique names. So basically, you'd need to refer to "the dark/light shadow from the [insert name] set" or the "the brown/gold/other color from the [insert name] set." I'm not sure why they did this because I don't think it makes a lot of sense.

I'm also unsure of why the Soft & Sultry set contains a warm shade and a cool shade. While each color is gorgeous, I think their tones really clash.

The next two swatches were taken in indirect natural sunlight. Swatches were done over Too Faced Shadow Insurance eyelid primer

L-R: Slow & Steady (light), Slow & Steady (dark), Soft & Sultry (gold), Soft & Sultry (green)

L-R: Slow & Steady (light), Slow & Steady (dark), Soft & Sultry (gold), Soft & Sultry (green)

These next two swatches were taken in indirect sunlight with a flash fill, which brings out more of the shimmery finish of the eye shadows.

L-R: Slow & Steady (light), Slow & Steady (dark), Soft & Sultry (gold), Soft & Sultry (green)

L-R: Slow & Steady (light), Slow & Steady (dark), Soft & Sultry (gold), Soft & Sultry (green)

The staying power is excellent. Once they've dried on your skin, they don't smudge or budge. I was able to remove the two lighter shades with soap and water. The deeper shades (the brown and gold) were more stubborn and I had to get out the eye makeup remover to remove these swatches. When I used a couple of these colors in a look, they wore strong all day long and looked as good at the end of the day as when I'd put them on in the morning.

The Hard Candy Fierce Effect High Intensity Eye Shadows are an excellent alternative to the L'Oreal Infallibles, at a significantly lower price point. The L'Oreal Infallibles are typically around $7 - $8 each (depending on the retailer) for .12 oz/3.5 g of product. The Hard Candy Fierce Effects Shadows are $5 for 2 jars that are each .11 oz/3.2 g of product.

In sum, I think that for a good, basic semi-loose/semi-pressed eye shadow, the Hard Candy Fierce Effect High Intensity Eye Shadow is a decent product at a very affordable price. I'll be interested to see if they release even more colors, as right now, there are only five sets with ten colors in total.

What do you think of the Hard Candy Fierce Effects eye shadows? Is this a product you're interested in using? 


  1. Hard Candy just came out with so many new products, I love it! I just bought a bunch of goodies and for the most part they were all hits! Such a great cruelty free brand! I'll have to look into these shadows next!

  2. I haven't seen these yet. That mid-tone brown is really pretty. I'm trying to think if I have anything like that in my infallible collection. I have a Muji drawer full. :)