Monday, December 1, 2014

Swatches: More Fyrinnae Exquisites!!!

I purchased this.

This past summer, Fyrinnae released five new eye shadows that they call "Exquisites." I did quite an extensive post of swatches as soon as I got my order of the Exquisites collection. Fyrinnae recently added three new Exquisites to the collection, and I ordered immediately, "oohing" and "aahing" out loud over their sparkly gorgeousness when I received them last week.

According to Fyrinnae, the Exquisites "have stronger color shifts without depending on an opaque base hue, making them stunning alone over over many colors. The transparency makes them suitable for a wide variety of skin tones without compromising color." For this reason, I have swatched them over a clear, sticky base (Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy) as well as over a black base.

Both photos were taken in direct sunlight.

L-R: Beyond World, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Dalliance
(black base on top, clear base on bottom)

This next photo is taken out of focus to show the incredible amount of sparkle in this eye shadows. They are ridiculously sparkly!

L-R: Beyond World, Fantasy Creatures, Mythical Dalliance
(black base on top, clear base on bottom)

When I was wiping these colors off my arm, they smudged together in a mix of sparkles pressed deep into the black base. You would not believe the gorgeous color that happened--deep, sparkly, mysterious, and sooo pretty. I wish I would have taken a picture! What it showed me, though, is that you're not just limited to using these colors over a clear, black, or colored base; they can be played around with and mixed together to create new and vibrant shades that are incredibly unique.

Which of Fyrinnae's Exquisites are your favorites? Have you bought any of them yet? 


  1. I love the out of focus shot, really shows the sparkle!

  2. Im so bummed because i just recently have found out about Fyrinnae and have been doing research on their products, looking up swatches etc. Well i went to get online and order from Fyrinnae and their site is closed currently due to an overwhelming amount of already placed orders! I couldn't believe it! I at least thought the site would have still been open for browsing. Anyways....I loooove love love sparkles so i hope i can get my hands on some if these babies pretty soon! Love your swatches by the way-such beautiful sparkles!

    1. Fyrinnae tends to close shop on occasion to catch up on filling orders. They never announce when they're closing/opening. Just keep trying back! Another great thing is their TAT is listed as much longer than it ever actually is. I think they're just covering their backs, but I have never had to wait more than a week to receive my order from them. They're worth ordering from.