Monday, February 16, 2015

Review: Born Pretty Store Brow Powder, Mascara, and Lipstick

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Born Pretty Store is an online shop with all sorts of inexpensive Asian products. It's a great place to find makeup, fun accessories, and lots of random other goodies--all at a very low cost. They recently sent me these three items for review:

My reviews are mixed, so read on to see what I loved and what didn't impress me quite as much.

Before I get into the reviews, please note that readers of my blog get a special 10% discount at when you use code SKG10.

First up is the Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara.

Typically, I'm wary of anything with "fiber" in the description because I have such sensitive eyes. But I will admit, one reason I wanted to try this is the adorable packaging. Look how cute that little kitty-cat shaped mascara tube is!

The Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara wand is thick, but not oversize. If there are fibers in this mascara, I don't see them. This mascara has become my go-to mascara, and here are the reasons why:

 - It does not irritate my eyes
 - It is very black -- a dark, deep, inky, black-as-your-soul kind of black
 - It applies evenly and without clumps
 - It does a great job of lengthening my short eyelashes
 - It lasts 15+ hours without smudging or flaking
 - It does all that for only $3.99 a tube!

 - None

Here is a before picture of my eyelashes without anything on them:

Here is a picture of my lashes after applying two coats of Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara.  

I really love this mascara and definitely recommend it. I will buy more when I run out!

Next up is the Affectionate Love BB Gentle Double-Effect Eyebrow Powder.

When I opened the box, the first thing I noticed was the cracked plastic lid. However, things do happen during shipping, and I'm interested in the product much more than the packaging. Born Pretty Store didn't send me the color I'd selected, which was the second disappointment with this product--it's hard to review something that's not quite the right shade for you.

The Affectionate Love BB Gentle Double-Effect Eyebrow Powder has two shades of powder--one lighter, and one darker, plus a separate applicator brush. I received the powder in Shade #5. 

Swatch photographed in natural light

The formula isn't consistent between the two shades; the lighter shade is really chalky and poorly pigmented. The darker color is actually quite silky, and while it has stronger pigmentation, it's still pretty poor pigmentation overall. In order to get the two swatches above, I had to apply and reapply several times and this was the heaviest swatch I could get. The applicator brush that comes with the brow powder is really cheap and doesn't work at all to apply the powder. I ended up using my regular angled brow brush from MAC, and was able to fill in my brows that way.

This photo is the same as the "after" from the mascara photo above--you can see that I was able to fill in my brows, but not dark enough for my brow shade. This product would look better on someone with lighter brows. I also had a difficult time applying the shades evenly because of the poor pigmentation. I used the lighter shade on in the inner portion of my brow and the darker shade on the outer portion of my brow.

This is not a product I will use. It's the wrong color for me, it's poorly pigmented, the chalky consistency of the lighter shade is unpleasant, and overall, I was not impressed with it. This brow powder duo retails for $3.67 at Born Pretty Store.

Last up is the Bubu Lipstick.  

I received this lipstick in shade #9, which is not a color I'd have ever chosen for myself, as it appears bright pink on the website. The packaging is cute and actually pretty sturdy for an inexpensive product. In its listing, Born Pretty Store describes this product as both a lipstick and a lip gloss, which can be confusing for a casual shopper. This product is definitely a lipstick, but it has a glossy finish.
Swatch photographed in natural light

The lipstick has good coverage, applying smoothly and evenly. It feels smooth and natural on my lips. The staying power is about average for me, but after it has worn away, this lipstick leaves behind the slightest stain, leaving my lips with just a hint of pink that they don't have naturally.

While I don't care for this particular shade on me, it's still a pretty color and people who love pink lipsticks might really like this shade. Fortunately, the Bubu Lipstick comes in a total of 12 shades, and I definitely see a handful of them that look like they'd work with my skin tone and shade preferences. For only $2.99 each, I think this product is a steal. It's really good quality for a super low price, and at that price, you could buy one of each color you want.

To sum up, I am in love with the Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara, I like the Bubu lipstick, and I dislike the Affectionate Love Brow Powder Duo. The fact that the mascara is terrific has me over the moon because I'm currently in possession of about 25 different mascaras from my various attempts to find a mascara that I really love. The Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara is the first one I've found that has everything going for it and I really love how it works for me. 

As always, don't forget that readers of my blog get a special 10% discount at when you use code SKG10

Have you ever ordered from What are your favorite products to get from them? 


  1. I don't know how I feel about the last two products, but that mascara looks great!

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