Sunday, March 15, 2015

Swatches: Rebel Bloom Spring LE Maybelline Color Tattoos

I purchased this.

I'm such a huge fan of Maybelline Color Tattoos. They're perfect as an eyeshadow base or a single-color wash when I'm in a rush. I think I have around 30 of them, but that's not nearly enough! So every time I hear that Maybelline has released a new, limited edition line of Color Tattoos, I go on the hunt.

Maybelline Rebel Bloom Spring 2015 Limited Edition Collection of Color Tattoos

This spring, Maybelline has released five limited edition shades called the "Rebel Bloom" collection. I had to go to Ulta to find two of these shades, Walgreens to find another two, and after more empty-handed searching, I finally went to eBay for the fifth and final shade.

Top, L-R: Black Orchid, Hibiscus Heartbreak, Hydrangea Hype
Bottom, L-R: Petunia Punk, Rose Riot

I love each one of them. I don't typically wear pastels, but these are all so pretty and somehow, they work on me by themselves, and they make fabulous colored eye shadow bases.

L-R: Black Orchid, Hibiscus Heartbreak, Hydrangea Hype, Petunia Punk, Rose Riot

L-R: Black Orchid, Hibiscus Heartbreak, Hydrangea Hype, Petunia Punk, Rose Riot

Each one of these colors is super creamy and applies smoothly and evenly with great color payoff and dry down very quickly. Petunia Punk and Rose Riot are very similar, and if you have one, you likely don't need both. Petunia Punk is slightly less pigmented and Rose Riot has just a hint of a peachier tone to it that makes me prefer it to Petunia Punk.

I thought Black Orchid would be my favorite shade from this collection. I was surprised to discover that Rose Riot is my favorite. Its subtle peach tone really won me over. Black Orchid is my second favorite and then Hibiscus Heartbreak. All of them are beautiful and if you love Maybelline Color Tattoos like I do, this is the time to search them out before they're all sold out. Many Harmon Beauty Departments at Bed Bath & Beyond have received this collection, as have Walgreens and Ulta. You may find it's worth it to check other places that carry Maybelline, as well.

Do you love Maybelline Color Tattoos like I do? Have you seen this collection around and did you grab any?


  1. These do make good bases; glad you were able to get them all!

  2. I love these color tattoos and i have a bunch of them. From this collection i have 2 , i got these in a recent swap ( with my friend i have told you about :) ) , which are Hibiscus Heartbreak and Petunia Punk. Beautiful shades ! x