Friday, April 17, 2015

Swatches & Review: House of Beauty Lip Hybrids

I purchased this.

Instagram is dangerous! I was poking around on Instagram the other day, and I stumbled upon someone who had posted photos of House of Beauty's Lip Hybrids. I followed that picture to another to another to another and another and half an hour later, I had ordered three of the House of Beauty Lip Hybrids myself. OOPS!

The House of Beauty Lip Hybrids are each packaged in a small 5 gram jar. The typical jars look like the two on the ends in the photo above. The one in the middle is in a different jar only because the company's supplier ran out of the normal jars, so they had to make do with temporary packaging for a while.

The three colors I bought are Nude & Rude, Taupe, and Kathryn.

These colors are thick and rich and pigmented. They're thicker than a gloss, but creamier than a lipstick. They're incredibly hydrating like a balm.

Look at how thick the formula is! These Lip Hybrids are super thick and only a tiny bit is needed for full pigmentation, yet they're not remotely sticky and they don't bleed. They feel really nice on the lips and are easy to remove with just one swipe of a makeup remover cloth or even a tissue. They last for hours on end, although they do wear off quite quickly when I eat and must be reapplied after a meal.

L-R: Nude & Rude, Taupe, Kathryn

L-R: Nude & Rude, Taupe, Kathryn

I did these swatches on my arm with a really large dollop of each color. Just a fraction of that amount provides full coverage on my lips. House of Beauty recommends applying them with a lip brush. I have applied them with a lip brush, with a disposable doe-foot applicator, and with my finger. They go on easily, smoothly, and evenly no matter what method I use to apply them.

Nude & Rude

I am so glad I bought these House of Beauty Lip Hybrids, and I have a growing wishlist of colors I'd like to purchase. They are such incredibly high quality and of all the lip products I've used in my life, these are definitely among my favorites; I have worn them every single day since I received them.


They are very opaque, yet they do change color so very slightly when worn over different shades of lip liner or lipstick. Kathryn, for example, looks like a greige shade in the jar, but turns to a beautiful nude-brown on my lips. When I wear it over a plum lip pencil, it wears like a warm, natural gray-plum color.


The most similar products I can compare these to are the Anastasia Liquid Lipsticks ($20 for 3.2 g/0.11 fl. oz.), Too Faced Melteds ($21 for 12 ml/0.4 fl. oz.), and OCC Lip Tars ($18 for 10 ml/0.33 fl. oz.), but I like the House of Beauty Lip Hybrids so much better than any of those other lip products. Not only do I like them better, but they are cruelty free, all natural, and handmade.

One unique thing about the Lip Hybrids is that they come in a wild variety of "non-traditional" colors like green, blue, yellow, orange--and varying shades of each. They have 73 different shades and a variety of finishes from semi-matte to glossy satin to half metallic and a number of them have a combination of these finishes (e.g., semi matte satin foil metallic).

House of Beauty states that delivery should be within 7-14 days after ordering. I ordered on a Friday morning and received my package the following Tuesday, which is fast for a small indie company!

Overall, I'm am extremely impressed with this product. I only have two issues with this product:

  • Nowhere on the website does it state how much product you're receiving. Just because the product is in a 5 gram jar does not mean you're receiving 5 grams of product. I'd like to know how many milliliters and/or fluid ounces I'm getting for the $14 price tag.

  • For the $14 price tag, I'd like to see this product sold in nice tubes with a doe-foot wand rather than in cheap jars. The jars are cute, and it's easy to toss them in my makeup bag and go, but I would much, much rather have this in a typical lip gloss tube.

However, I still think the Lip Hybrids are a great, quality product, and well worth the money. A jar will last a very long time because such a small amount is needed. I will be back to purchase more. In fact, I just added Ebonie, Iron Rose, and Hawt Cocoa to my shopping cart over at House of Beauty. I'm going to try to wait until next month to buy more, but I may not be able to resist!

Oh, one more thing--if you follow House of Beauty on Instagram as well as some of their various models, they occasionally post coupon codes that you can use for discounts. I got 10% off my first order, and of course, every little bit helps when you're a makeup junkie like me! 

Are any of the 73 shades of House of Beauty Lip Hybrids calling out your name? Which ones appeal to you the most?  


  1. Ooh, gorgeous swatches. Thanks for the review X

  2. Hey love, on the website FAQs it states you get 5 grams of product. x