Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Swatches: Tom Ford Orchid Haze Eyeshadow Quad

I purchased this.
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For today's post, I want to show swatches of my new, precious, beauty baby: Tom Ford Orchid Haze Eyeshadow Quad.

I have a thing for Tom Ford Cosmetics. Unfortunately for me, Tom Ford is a luxury brand that is typically far, far outside of my budget. However, my Christmas shopping rebates started rolling in from Mr. Rebates, and I recently received enough back that I was able to use the little windfall from my rebates payment to splurge on another Tom Ford goodie.

Let me digress... if you haven't heard of Mr. Rebates, it's very similar to Ebates. Whenever I am going to do some online shopping, I always check both sites to see if there are any rebates available from the etailers where I'm shopping. Typically, I've found Mr. Rebates gives bigger rebates to online shops like Sephora (not always, but often)--as much as 12% back, which is awesome, considering Sephora rarely does sales, and also considering the stupid amount of money I hand over to them regularly. If I'm shopping for makeup, I can typically get a rebate for my purchase from other online stores like Ulta, Too Faced Cosmetics, and Nordstrom (it's one of the only ways to get discounts on MAC Cosmetics). When I'm doing my Christmas shopping, I prefer to do it online and always check both sites for rebate offers, and then I go with whichever one is offering the highest amount. The rebate amount usually pends for a few weeks to months, and then becomes available for deposit into my PayPal account. In a typical year, I get about $100 back from my online shopping, but last year, I got closer to $200 since I did a majority of my Christmas shopping online. Every little bit helps! If you haven't signed up for either program, I'd love it if you'd use my affiliate links to sign up for both Mr. Rebates and Ebates.

Anyway, back to the story of how I adopted a brand new Tom Ford eyeshadow quad: in March, all of the Christmas shopping I did online finally paid off as a whole bunch of my pending Mr. Rebates rebates became available, and I was able to deposit $79 (plus a few odd cents) into PayPal. Naturally, because I'm a makeup junkie, when I saw the amount, my first thought was, "Hey! $79? You know what else is $79? Tom Ford eyeshadow quads!"

And that would be how I became the proud mama to a beautiful new beauty baby, the Orchid Haze eyeshadow quad from Tom Ford Cosmetics.

Just look at it! Isn't it the prettiest thing you've ever seen? I thought my Tom Ford Silvered Topaz eyeshadow quad was the prettiest thing I'd ever come across until I opened up this baby and saw it in person. I was sorely tempted to get the Golden Mink quad, but I'll save that one for next time. I am so glad I bought the Orchid Haze quad.

The colors are stunning. Each of the four colors is a warm-toned and brown-based. In my opinion, the overall color scheme of the quad is more of a "brownie berry" than an "Orchid Haze," but hey, it's just a name, and I'm certainly not going to get my undies in a bundle over the name when it's all about the beauty of the actual product.

Here are swatches of the four shades from this quad. They're not individually named, but you can tell from looking at the photo above which shade on my skin matches up to which shade in the quad. I swatched over Urban Decay Eden Primer Potion.

These eyeshadows are incredibly silky soft and buttery smooth. It's definitely an over-reaction that only other makeup junkies will understand, but I get all sorts of verklempt when I think on their utter and complete perfection.  They blend so beautifully on my skin and when I'm wearing them, every time I look in the mirror, I'm amazed at how gorgeous my eyes look. This quad is seriously the shiznit for making blue eyes really pop. The darkest shade in the quad is quite deep, but can be blended out to a much more subtle shade, making this quad perfect for daytime office wear, yet it can be built up for more of an intense, evening look.

I have worn all of the eye shadows in this quad several times since I received it, but haven't been able to take photos because each time, I ended up running late for work or wherever I was going. I will definitely be using it again very, very soon, and will try to get a picture of the look I create using it so you can see how beautiful all of the colors look when worn together.

Is there a cosmetics brand you're head-over-heels crazy about, the way I am with Tom Ford Cosmetics? I'd love to hear about it!