Sunday, June 28, 2015

Swatchfest: New-in-2015 Lip Products from Darling Girl Cosmetics

PR samples.
I purchased this.

This year, Darling Girl Cosmetics has released several new lines of lip products. I don't have all--or even most--of the individual shades, but I do have a handful of them, so I thought I'd do a swatchfest of each of the new-in-2015 Darling Girl lip products that I own.

First up are the Balm Glosses. Darling Girl's description of the Balm Glosses is: "Our Liquid Kiss Luxe Balm Gloss (or just Balm Gloss for short) have a smooth, velvety feel, but not sticky! Made with moisturizing argan oil and avocado oil to help keep your pucker smooth and hydrated."

There are nine Balm Glosses in this line, and I have six of them swatched for you.

L-R: Darling Spice, Faerie Wings, Love Bug, Queen of the Night, Taupe-tation, Tickled Pink

These are the descriptions from the website for each color:

  • Darling Spice: sheer mauve with golden pearl. A great your-lips-but-better gloss or layering gloss.
  • Faerie Wings: sheer mauve with violet holographic glitter that changes from blue, violet to reddish pink.
  • Love Bug: soft mauve with silver iridescence. This is a great your-lips-but-better gloss and looks great layered over other lipsticks.
  • Queen of the Night: plum with red tones and blue iridescence. Moderately pigmented. It can be worn fairly sheer for a wash of color or built up for a more opaque look. If you are going for full opacity, a coordinating lip pencil is suggested.
  • Taupe-tation: somewhat opaque taupey gray with holographic mica-based glitter than changes from pink to gold. 
  • Tickled Pink: sheer grapefruit pink with holographic mica-based glitter that changes from gold, green to blue, although the most prominent shades are gold and green. This will add just the softest touch of pink to the lips, but the shimmer and sparkle from the glitter makes it so pretty. 

My swatch of Taupe-tation looks more blue-gray than taupe-gray. The rest of the swatches are true-to-color, but my camera was just not interpreting the taupe shade of Taupe-tation well at all.

My favorites are Darling Spice, Faerie Wings, and Love Bug. I gravitate toward mauve and brownish-pink tones, so it only figures that I wear Darling Spice and Love Bug quite heavily. Faerie Wings is so ultra sparkly it'll blow your mind. Seriously! Click on the photo above for maximum awesomeness and to see a full, detailed view of the shifty, 3-D effect of Faerie Wings.

Next up are the Kisu Liquid Lip Color. Darling Girl's description of Kisu is: "Kisu Liquid Lip Color are lightweight gloss with pigmentation of a lipstick, and as they wear away, you are left with a flush of color like a lip stain. To make things even better, they are loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and smell like cupcakes!"

There are eight Kisu shades, and I have four of them swatched below.

L-R: Air Kiss, Kiss & Tell, Kissy Face, S.W.A.K.

These are the descriptions from the website for each color:

  • Air Kiss: rosy mauve
  • Kiss & Tell: raspberry pink
  • Kissy Face: warm, berry-tone pink
  • S.W.A.K.: yummy, berry-tone red
I love this formula, and each color is awesome, but there's just no way around the fact that Air Kiss is not only my favorite shade in this line, but it's my favorite Darling Girl lip shade overall. In fact, if it were the end of the world, and I had to choose only one lippie to wear every single day for the rest of my life, Air Kiss would absolutely be a top contender.

The last set of swatches are of the Pucker Paint Matte Lip Cremes and the Sparkle-matte-ic Lip Tints.

Darling Girl's description of the Pucker Paints is: "Pucker Paints are lightweight liquid lipstick that glide on silky smooth and dry down to a matte finish. Unlike a lot of matte lip products, these will not leave you running for the lip balm moments after applying. Pucker Paints are NOT kiss proof or smudge proof. However, after they set completely, they are smudge resistant. You will get a lot less transfer from these than a typical lipstick or tinted balm. I typically get several hours of wear before needing to reapply."

Darling Girl's description of the Sparkle-matte-ic Lip Tints is: "Sparkle-matte-ic are lightweight liquid lipstick that glide on silky smooth and dry down to an ultra-matte finish with a lustre or sparkle. Sparkle-matte-ic are NOT kiss proof or smudge proof. However, after they set completely, they are smudge resistant. You will get a lot less transfer from these than a typical lipstick or tinted balm. I typically get several hours of wear before needing to reapply."

There are 20 Pucker Paints, and I have three of them swatched below. (I have two more showing up in the mail this week. I'll try to swatch those separately.) There are six Sparkle-matte-ic shades, but I only have one (which is why it's in the swatch photo as the Pucker Paints).

L-R: (Pucker Paints) Drop Dead Red, Punky Princess, Tea Time; (Sparkle-matte-ic) Berried Treasure

These are the descriptions from the website for each color: 

  • Drop Dead Red Pucker Painttrue red with a slightly metallic finish
  • Punky Princess Pucker Paint: deep, rosy mauve 
  • Tea Time Pucker Paint: pinky beige-nud
  • Berried Treasure Sparkle-matte-ic Lip Tint: fuchsia with blue holo-sparkle 
Of the Pucker Paints I have, I love Drop Dead Red, although I don't get any of the "metallic finish" noted in the shade description. It's a matte, true red, and it looks awesome on me, if I do say so myself. I also really, really love Punky Princess, as it falls into the range of mauve shades that I can rock like nobody's business.

I only have one Sparkle-matte-ic and I am glad I picked the one I did. I love berry tones, and I think I'll get a ton of wear out of this one in the fall. Below is a close-up of Berried Treasure, which hopefully helps show just how awesome these matte lipsticks are with the holo-sparkle. I have plenty of matte lipsticks from a number of various big box and indie brands, and none of them have any sort of added sparkle, which makes the Sparkle-matte-ic Lip Tints a really unique product in my arsenal of lippies.

Berried Treasure Sparkle-matte-ic Lip Tint
(click on the photo for maximum awesomeness and a detailed view of the sparkle)

I hope you enjoyed these swatches of some of Darling Girl's newest lip products! It was fun for me to finally swatch them all side-by-side, and realize (again) just how truly awesome they are. 

Do you have any of the new-in-2015 Darling Girl lip products? Which products and shades are your favorites? 


  1. This is so helpful, thank you! Great post!

  2. Great post!! Would love to see pics of your favorites on your lips :)

    1. I thought about that, but I don't do lip swatches often because my lips are far from photogenic. I will add it to my list of blog posts to do when I have more time on my hands. I think it could be helpful, even if my lips are funny-shaped. :)

  3. Thanks for this! That Kissy Face one looks so gorgeous!