Wednesday, January 28, 2015

EOTD: ColourPop Game Face, Lovely, La La, and Girly

I purchased this. 

One of my friends challenged me to get my "Game Face on," so I pulled out ColourPop's Game Face and a few other pretties, and did this eye look. I am just loving my ColourPop shadows. They're so pigmented, creamy, and gorgeous!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance over entire eye area
Maybelline Color Tattoo in Just Beige as a base on lid and blended onto crease and brow
Tarte Free Spirit on Brow Bone
Tarte - a blend of Force of Nature and Wanderer to transition between crease and brow bone
ColourPop Cosmetics:
  - Game Face on inner, outer, upper center lid, inner and outer lower lashline
  - La La in crease
  - Lovely in center of upper lid and center low lash line
  - Girly to highlight tear duct area
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline lining upper lashes, far outer lower lash line, and waterline
Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
Chinovi Brow Powder in Dark Brown

Monday, January 26, 2015

EOTD/FOTD: Fairy Tale Romance Collection by Darling Girl

PR samples.
I purchased this.

A couple of days ago I posted swatches of the upcoming Fairy Tale Romance collection from Darling Girl Cosmetics. I did a look using the three eye shadows from the collection, along with the Balm Gloss.

Darling Girl's Love's True Kiss blush isn't a part of the Fairy Tale Romance collection, but the name fit in with the theme so well, that I figured I'd pull it out and give my cheeks some Love's True Kiss color.


Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm all over face
Smashbox Under Eye Primer on under eye area
Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer in Medium under inner under eye area
It Cosmetics Hello Light Liquid Brightener under outer under eye area
NARS Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder to set liquid products
Darling Girl Cosmetics Love's True Kiss blush

Too Faced Shadow Insurance all around eye area
Tarte Free Spirit on brow bone and to blend out under eye shadows
Sleek Primer Palette:
  - Peach on inner 2/3 of moving lid
  - Noir on outer 1/3 of moving lid
Tarte Force of Nature as transition from brow bone to crease
Darling Girl Cosmetics:
  - Hot As Baelfire in crease and beneath lower lash line
  - Glitter Glue on moving lid on top of Sleek Peach and Noir bases
  - If I Only Had A Heart on inner 2/3 of lid and to highlight tear duct area
  - Let's Hook Up on outer 1/3 of lid
Urban Decay All Nighter Eyeliner Pencil on upper and lower rims and smudged along upper lash line
Tarte Fashionista to set lower waterline pencil
Balala Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara
Chinovi Cosmetics Brow Powders in Dark Brown and Deep Auburn

Darling Girl Cosmetics Love Bug Balm Gloss

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Swatches: Fairy Tale Romance Collection by Darling Girl Cosmetics

PR samples.

Darling Girl Cosmetics is going to be releasing a small collection next month called "Fairy Tale Romance." It consists of three eye shadows and one balm gloss and is inspired by the TV show Once Upon A Time. I've got swatches for you of each of the items in this collection, and they're all super pretty!

Fairy Tale Romance should be available somewhere around the mid-February time-frame.

All eyeshadow swatches are done over Darling Girl Glitter Glue.

L-R: Love Bug Balm Gloss, Hot As Baelfire eye shadow, If I Only Had A Heart eye shadow, 
Let's Hook Up eye shadow, and Let's Hook Up eye shadow over a black base

Love Bug Balm Gloss is a beautiful, soft mauve lippie. It goes on super smooth, feels really hydrating on the lips, and provides really nice color, but it's not opaque at all; it's sort of "my lips but better" glossy color on me.

Hot As Baelfire is a mid-tone, matte brown that has the faintest hint of plumminess about it.

L-R: Love Bug Balm Gloss, Hot As Baelfire eye shadow, If I Only Had A Heart eye shadow, 
Let's Hook Up eye shadow, and Let's Hook Up eye shadow over a black base

If I Only Had A Heart is the most beautiful warm cream eyeshadow with a soft golden shift and golden sparkles. I know this collection is inspired by Once Upon A Time, but this color is, in my opinion, exactly the color of the dress worn by Jennifer Connolly in the ballroom scene of Labyrinth. You know the dress I'm talking about--the one that all of us *cough*-somethings hoped we'd wear on our wedding day when we grew up.

Let's Hook Up is a dark, dirty green with a strong black base. It's loaded with green and gold sparkles, and some orange too, I think. It looks sooo gorgeous over a black base, which is why I added the swatch of it over black to my swatches. While it doesn't need the black base, I think the black base takes this shade to a whole new level. I think this is a perfect representation of Killian and his gorgeous pirate-liner. Give me an AMEN SISTER if your heart flutters a little, too, every time you look deep into those dark, smoky, guylined eyes. *swoons*

As always, I've posted an out-of-focus shot to show you the sparkle in the sparkly shades.

L-R: Love Bug Balm Gloss, Hot As Baelfire eye shadow, If I Only Had A Heart eye shadow, 
Let's Hook Up eye shadow, and Let's Hook Up eye shadow over a black base

I love this collection. I think the colors complement each other perfectly, and I love the idea behind it, since I a fan of Once Upon A Time. It's a shame the collection is so small, but I am pretty sure I recall hearing a rumor that at some point it's being followed up by a Once Upon A Time villain-inspired collection (!!!), so hopefully there will be even more fairytale goodness (or evilness!) to come.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Swatches: Tarte Tartelette Palette

I purchased this.

Just about a month ago, I bought the Tarte Tartelette Amazonian Clay Matte Eyeshadow Palette. The first time I saw Tartelette, I knew I'd use it regularly--and I was right. I haven't done one single makeup look without since I first got it. I know half a kajillion bloggers have already posted swatches, but I wanted to add my own to the mix because I LOVE THIS PALETTE!

Tartelette is an all-matte palette. Its 12 gorgeous shades range from cream and brown tones, to purple-based tones, to pink, gray, and even black. It is a gorgeous set of neutral and natural-themed matte eye shadow colors. Most of the shades are on the warm side, which is perfect for my skin tone. A few of the shades are cool-toned, which adds a little variety.

All swatches are done on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance, since that's what I use daily.

Top row, L-R: Free Spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer, Multi-Tasker, Caregiver, Natural Beauty
Bottom row, L-R: Best Friend, Bombshell, Super Mom, Wanderer, Power Player, Fashionista

Top row, L-R: Free Spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer, Multi-Tasker, Caregiver, Natural Beauty
Bottom row, L-R: Best Friend, Bombshell, Super Mom, Wanderer, Power Player, Fashionista

I have used every color in this palette at least twice, and many I've used a lot more than that. My most-used shades are Free Spirit, Force of Nature, Dreamer, Natural Beauty, and Best Friend.

What kind of Tartelette are you? 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

EOTD: Chinovi Cosmetics "Tasting Menu" Collection

PR samples.
I purchased this.

A couple of days ago, I posted swatches of Chinovi Cosmetics' upcoming Tasting Menu collection. This is a look that I did using four of the six eyeshadows from this collection.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance all over lid and brow bone
Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue on moving lid only
Tarte Free Spirit on brow bone
Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eyeliner in Corrupt on lower waterline
Tarte Best Friend eyeshadow to set Corrupt
Chinovi Cosmetics:
  - Macarons à la Rose above crease and to blend out lower lash line
  - Coteaux Bourguignons in crease and beneath lower lash line
  - L'Entrecôte in outer V and beneath outer lower lash line
  - Crème de Marron on main lid
Urban Decay Virgin to highlight tear duct area
Tarte Super Mom to highlight brow bone
Urban Decay 24/7 All Nighter Eyeliner smudged along upper lash line
Balala Cats Fiber Velvet Mascara (two coats)
Chinovi Cosmetics Brow Powder in Dark Brown

I really love how these four colors work together. I have a feeling I'll be reaching for them a lot!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Swatches: Chinovi Cosmetics "Tasting Menu" Collection

PR samples.

I am REALLY excited about Chinovi Cosmetics' new collection, "Tasting Menu." Vanessa of Chinovi approached me a few months ago and asked if I'd be interested in collaborating with her to come up with a new collection. We did a lot of brainstorming, going down one path, then coming up another, and eventually landed on this "Tasting Menu" collection. 

Each color in this collection is named after some of my favorite French foods. The last time I was in Paris, my husband and I pretty much ate a giant path through the city like crazy, ravenous beasts. I'm pretty sure you can still see the path of destruction we left behind us! I adore French food; there are few things in life as truly decadent as a good, French meal. A good French meal is so rich and flavorful, it's (of course) completely unhealthy, and it's amazingly delicious. 

And without further ado, here are swatches of Chinovi's new collection, "Tasting Menu," which should be available on the website and Storenvy shop some time around early- to mid-February. 

Bon appétit!

L-R: Bisque de Citrouille, L'Escargot, Crème de Marron, L'Entrecôte, Macarons à la Rose, Coteaux Bourguignons

Bisque de Citrouille (translation: pumpkin bisque) is a soft, pumpkin orange that's heavy on the sparkle. This one has the tiniest hint of a cool pink (peach?) shift.

L'Escargot (translation: "the snail"... aka snails baked in the shell with garlic-herb butter! YUM!) is an artichoke green that's also heavy on the sparkle.

Crème de Marron (translation: chestnut cream) is a mouthwateringly gorgeous dusty brown with barely-there undertones of amethyst and silver. It's also loaded with sparkle. Crème de Marron is hands-down my favorite color of this collection, but that's not surprising since I really do love my browns (and any dessert that involves chestnut cream).

L-R: Bisque de Citrouille, L'Escargot, Crème de Marron, L'Entrecôte, Macarons à la Rose, Coteaux Bourguignons

L'Entrecôte (translation: a premium cut of sirloin traditionally served in the steak-frites style) is shimmery, but not sparkly. It's a gorgeous deep, bronzy brown that's perfect for deepening up an outer corner or crease.

Macarons à la Rose (translation: rose macarons) is a matte tea rose pink that reminds me of the beautiful shade of the rose macarons from Ladurée.

Coteaux Bourguignons (translation: "Burgundian hills" and refers to the wine from the entire Burgundy region) is also matte and is a rich, deep wild berry color.

Next, of course, I've tucked in an out-of-focus photo to show this collection's sparkle and shimmer (or lack thereof, as appropriate).  

L-R: Bisque de Citrouille, L'Escargot, Crème de Marron, L'Entrecôte, Macarons à la Rose, Coteaux Bourguignons

I adore this collection, not only because Vanessa involved me in helping her to create it, but because the colors are so pretty and work so well together. I think it's a lovely, soft palette of almost vintage-like shades. Also, L'Entrecôte is making me really hungry for steak-frites right now and boy, could I ever go for a crème de marron crêpe afterward! :)

What do you think of the colors in this collection? Do you see any that you think you'll be grabbing up as soon as they're available? ARE YOU HUNGRY YET? 

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Review & Swatches: ColourPop Shadows & Lippie Stix

I purchased this.

I pretty much took the whole month of December off from blogging, even though I hadn't intended to. It was such a crazy month! I did treat myself to some really fun makeup things during the holidays, and one of the brands I was most excited about is ColourPop.  I've seen so many great reviews and swatches of ColourPop's shadows, Lippie Stix, and lip pencils, and they've been on my wishlist for quite some time. At $5 each, it's hard not to splurge a little!

I picked up 13 ColourPop Shadows, one lip primer, one lip pencil, and four Lippie Stix, although I only meant to buy three (I mistakenly ordered two of one of the Lippie Stix). I have swatches!

First up are swatches of the lip pencil, primer, and Lippie Stix.

L-R: Lumière lip pencil, Lumière Lippie Stix, Flawless Lippie Stix, LBB Lippie Stix, and Lippie Primer

The swatches below are in the same order as the photo above. From left to right: Lumière Pencil, Lumière Lippie Stix, Flawless Lippie Stix, LBB Lippie Stix, and even the Lippie Primer (although it's clear, so you can't see it against my skin).

Photo taken with flash

Photo taken in sunlight

The Lippie Stix are really phenomenal. They're highly pigmented, soft, creamy, and very easy to apply. The Lippie Pencil is also highly pigmented, soft, creamy, and easy to apply. I'm amazed at the incredibly high quality, especially since they cost only $5 each! The staying power on me is as long as a good quality lipstick like MAC or Illamasqua.

Here are some photos of each of the ColourPop Lippies on me, each applied over the Lippie Primer.

Lumière Lippie Stix over Lumière Pencil.

Flawless Lippie Stix

One thing to note about Flawless Lippie Stix is that it's an almost exact dupe of MAC's Rebel lipstick. I swatched the two side-by-side (no photos, my apologies!) and the difference was barely perceptible. I would say the only difference is that Rebel is slightly more satiny, whereas Flawless appears slightly more matte, although it still has a satin finish. So if you're looking for a much less expensive, cruelty-free version of MAC Rebel  lipstick, give Flawless a try!

LBB Lippie Stix

Of the three colors I bought, I think LBB is my favorite. I find that when worn over a burgundy lip liner, it looks even deeper and vampier. They're all gorgeous colors. Lumière is too light for my typical taste in lip colors, but I actually really like it, and with the right eye makeup and clothes, I think I pull it off pretty well for such a light, mauvey-nude shade.

Next up are the ColourPop shadows I bought. YOU.GUYS. O.M.G. These shadows are amazing!!! The packaging is incredibly high quality, and that alone makes me wonder how on earth ColourPop sells these amazing shadows at only $5 each. I'd gladly pay twice as much, and they could probably sell at a much higher price point, because they're really, really high quality.

The shadows have a strange sponginess about them that reminds me of the Maybelline Bouncy Blush texture. They are very soft, creamy, and spongy, but apply like a highly-pigmented powder. Whether I'm applying them using my finger or a makeup brush, they go on like butter, and practically blend themselves.

Top row, L-R: Amaze, Cricket, Girly, Krinkle
Middle row, L-R: La La, Lace, Lovely, Mittens, Piper
Bottom row, L-R: Sequin, Smash, So Quiche, Truth

Photo taken in sunlight.
L-R: Amaze, Cricket, Girly, Krinkle 

Photo taken with flash.
L-R: Amaze, Cricket, Girly, Krinkle 

In the next two photos, you'll see two smaller swatches on the far right. That's because Piper is a marbled pigment with distinctly different shades. The full size swatch of Piper is a swipe across the top of the entire eyeshadow. The small swatches to the far right are representative of what I got when I tried to swatch only the lightest color (top) and only the darkest color (bottom) of the marbled pigment.

Photo taken in sunlight.
L-R: La La, Lace, Lovely, Mittens, Piper, Piper (light shade only - top), Piper (dark shade only - bottom)

Photo taken with flash.
L-R: La La, Lace, Lovely, Mittens, Piper, Piper (light shade only - top), Piper (dark shade only - bottom)

Photo taken in sunlight.
L-R: Sequin, Smash, So Quiche, Truth

Photo taken with flash.
L-R: Sequin, Smash, So Quiche, Truth

It's very easy for me to pink a single favorite--So Quiche is hands-down my favorite item from this entire ColourPop order. Sadly, I was completely unable to capture its amazingness in my photos. ColourPop describes it as "a soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish." Yes, it is that, but it's so much more! I sweear there are brown and purple undertones in it, and the pink sparkles are just so pretty against the golden olive that it takes my breath away.

Other standouts that I've been using regularly since I got this order are La La, Sequin, Cricket, Lovely, Amaze, and Girly. Although it's true that I really do love every single color...except for Mittens. Mittens is a good, matte shade, but it's just a little too reddish of a brown for me, and will be the one I reach for the least.

All in all, I'm highly impressed with ColourPop. Everything about this order was awesome, from the low prices, ease of the website, accuracy of website swatches, speed of shipping, incredibly thorough and secure packaging, and the incredibly high quality of the products. I will be returning to ColourPop for more, I'm sure of it.

Do you own anything from ColourPop? What are your favorite colors, or what colors would you like to get? 

Thursday, January 1, 2015


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